Surya Grahan- How it can affect you? 21st June 2020

02 June, 2020

How Surya Grahan affects me? What I need to do?

AskGanesha Answer: Astrologers suggest that during eclipse it is advisable not eat or drink anything, performing religious ceremonies (Pujas or Anushthans) and chanting Mantras, and taking the Lord's name is beneficial at this time, for those students who want to get good result, it would be better if they dont start their studies at the Eclipse time but rather begin it prior to the period of eclipse and continue during the time period for better result. The temples or the place of worship at home should also be covered during this period. It is advised that not to save from the previous night of the eclipse if some products like milk and yogurt and other such, dairy and gravy products are remaining it is feasible to put Tulsi or leaves of Holy Basil in them. This measure will reduce the ill effects of the Solar Eclipse as per AskGanesha. For Pregnant women, it is rather recommended that they should be extra cautious as the unborn child can have ill effects on this day. Although, they should be sitting at a place in complete isolation and should chant mantras to negate the ill effects of the eclipse. As far as possible they should restrain themselves from sewing, cutting and peeling jobs in the house. During this time it is advised that they should not step out of the house.   Surya Grahan Astrology

The Predictions of the future during the Solar eclipse according to AskGanesha.

Mesharas (Aries): A series of profit is predicted all the stopped work will be completed. Vrishabh (Taurus): They might witness some mental distress, and might witness some familial distress. Mithun (Gemini): They will sow the fruits of their hard work. Kark (Cancer): there can be a loss in wealth, you should be careful in every field Singh (Leo): Business people please be careful, and they can be some tussle for married people. Kanya (Virgo): The future looks good for you; you will get success in all your endeavors and win over all the enemies. Tula (Libra): you will have to work hard in order to get respect; you can also be engulfed by mental instability. Vrishshik (Scorpio): AskGanesha predicts that the coming time is good for you; you will get success and will get new opportunities for work and at work. Dhanu (Sagittarius): There will be an enhanced will power to try something new, at the same time profits are seen, during the scope of travel. Makar (Capricorn): During Eclipse there can be increased expenses and mental distress. Kumbh (Aquarius): Be careful while driving a vehicle, you will have mental stress during this period. Meen (Pieces): A visible increase in excitement is predicted, Along with job Advancement, There will be some tension from the familys end. AskGanesha says that if you take proper precautions everything will be fine. One should do Lord Surya Puja or Lord Vishnu Puja before or after Surya Grahan to save himself or herself from negative effects. One should also do donations of wheat and fruits.

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