Six Ways To Achieve Inner Peace

29 April, 2017
Inner peace In the fast pace lives that we have chosen for ourselves, makes it extremely hard for us to maintain our inner peace. Our calm and patience are been tested on a daily basis. Sometimes we handle it well but there are times when we wish to give up everything and hide somewhere, somewhere where no-one can find us. We look for an escape from the heart-wrenching realities of our lives that pierce our heart. Although, We want to escape the sufferings, the pain and the frustration of things going in directions other than we want. We feel so because we lack the inner peace. And want to customize the situations occurring in our lives. But the fact is, we have no control over the happenings. We only have control over our emotions and expressions. And We need to stop, take a deep breath and face the situation to wits. We need to face it now so that it doesn't return two folds the next time. There are many ways to get in control of your mind and control what happens in your life. Let's take a look at some of the practices you must infuse into your life today itself.

Love yourself. You are your first priority!

This is not an option but a rule that must be followed in any given circumstance. You got to love yourself for anyone else to love you at all. For if you won't then who will? It's the same as respecting yourself and it is extremely important.

Distance yourself from everybody and anybody who makes you feel bad about yourself

When you love yourself, you will allow nobody to disrespect you. You must always stand up for yourself because again if you won't then who will? If you find your energy getting affected in presence of someone, you know you got to cut them off your life.

Listen to your guts and sense the vibe

You conscious is the best guide. If it doesn't feel right, it isn't right! Period. Every person you meet or talk to will connect with you on a different level. Believe me, each person you come across possesses a vibe of their own and that is how you know if you want to let them stay in your life or not. So listen carefully, all the answers lay within you.
Forgive and let go!
This can be hard but not impossible. As Gandhi Ji said, it takes a big man to forgive. So, be the bigger man here. Learn from it and make peace with it, so that it doesn't hamper your future growth.
Talk to yourself.
You know yourself the best. Staying true to self is the most important principle in life. One can fool anybody but not himself. Resolve issues that are bothering you inside, find solutions and let it go.
Meditation is a tried and tested method of achieving inner peace and calm of mind according to Hindu culture since times immemorial. There are several methods of practicing meditation to achieve the tranquility of mind and soul. You can chant various mantras (Gayatri mantra), deep breathing and carry out different asana. Also read Gayatri mantra to achieve peace of mind Chandra puja

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