Significance of prayers (pujas) : May the prayers be with you

Prayer in Sanskrit is called ‘Prarthna’, which is made from two words ‘pra” and ‘artha’. Prarthna means praying or pleading profoundly. Prayers (pujas) are done to express our helplessness to God and to endow the doership our tasks to the Supreme authority. It also means expressing our love, respect, gratitude, and faith for the Almighty. Prayers are the best opportunities to connect with the Supreme power. Prayers induce spirituality in a person. It is a cornerstone in spiritual practices as it increases the potency of chanting the name of the god and it also provides us with a divine armour from negative powers.

By praying we awaken our spiritual emotions and experience communion with God which in turn blesses with the eternal bliss. Praying regularly in life dissolves the intellect and mind, which helps in gaining access to the Universal Intellect, which in turn helps in realising our true self and the true identity of all things of the world, that leads to salvation.

Significance of praying 

Fulfilling the desires

We primarily pray to plead with God to give us the things that we desire. The unfulfilled desires compel a man to kneel in front of the god.  He pleads God to provide him with the power to fulfill his desires and dreams. So, when we pray, we get what we desire.

For strength and capability to face difficulties

Secondly, we pray when we are in trouble, an insurmountable situation has arisen and we are not able to find a way out. We are helpless, powerless, and impotent and there is no other option visible but for going in the refuge of the god. It gives us peace of mind and we feel replete with strength either to face the trouble or to find any kind of solution.  

Elimination of ego 

Praying helps in eliminating the ego inside us. We realise how helpless we are in front of the things or conditions created by the Supreme. Humility is induced by a person who prays regularly. He realises that he is not the one who is attaining success in his life; it is the blessings of the god that has enabled him to reach the heights of success. Sometimes, people realise this fact only when they have lost everything in their life. Then they know that it was the god who enabled them to do this all in their life, and then they come to the shelter of the god and express their gratitude and ask for His forgiveness. 

Growth of Spirituality

Nishkam Prarthna or prayer (puja) without any worldly desire is the purest form of prayer. One does not pray to get his worldly desires fulfilled, he prays for communication and closeness with the god. He is growing spiritually and his personality changes entirely. He shines with divine bliss and is always happy and content. 

Feelings of benevolence or  bhav of Vasudev Kutumbakam

(the entire world is my family)

Similarly, Samasti Prarthna has no individual goal or desire. This kind of prayer is done for the good of the whole world. Great saints and gurus indulge in these kinds of prayers as they have risen above their personal desires and needs. These kinds of prayers slowly dissolve the sense of individuality of human beings, they find the whole world contained in themselves. 

So, we all should pray daily and make a connection with the lord of the universe.

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