Principles of Success and Positive thinking

The basic Mantras of a successful and happy life

Everyone wants to lead a happy and successful life.  Various factors help a man in leading a happy and successful life. But sometimes instead of putting all the efforts and endeavors, one does not succeed. Despair and negativity start coming, things seem to come to a halt.  What should one do at such times? Religion and Spirituality are the two strong pillars to remove negativity and despair from the mind.

Maa Gayatri Puja and Gayatri Mantra provide a lot of respite in despair and negativity. Worshipping Maa Gayatri and chanting Gayatri Mantra makes a person mentally strong and enables them to convert failure into success.

Gayatri Maa or Goddess Gayatri is also called Veda-Mata or the mother of all the Vedas. The Atharva Veda written about 2500-3500 years ago has mentioned Gayatri Maa as the one who gives Aayu (longevity), Prana (life force), Praja (subjects or people working for one), PashuKirti (livestock), Dhan (prosperity), Brahma barcasva ( Spiritual supremacy). The person possessing all these can never be unsuccessful nor has any kind of negativity. Goddess Gayatri is known to remove darkness and impart light in our minds.

Gayatri Mantra and success and positivity

Gayatri mantra was recorded in Atharva Veda for the first time. Gayatri mantra consists of twenty-four syllables which are arranged in a triplet of eight syllables.

oṃ bhūrbhuvaḥsvaḥ tatsaviturvareṇyaṃ 
bhargodevasyadhīmahi dhiyoyonaḥpracodayāt

O, Lord! You gave birth to us, you are rearing us, you are giving prana (life) to us, you are reliving pains of the people. You are the embodiment of knowledge and light, O Mother! Please lead our minds on the right path.

Chanting Gayatri Mantra can lead to success and happiness. It stabilizes and enlightens our minds.  Following are the ways in which Gayatri Mantra helps us in leading a happy and successful life:

  • Chanting the Gayatri mantra regularly improves concentration and learning.
  • The vibrations created during the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra activate the last three chakras of the human body. These chakras are-the throat chakra (VishudhiChakr), the Third eye chakra ( Ajnachakr), and the Crown chakra ( Sahasrara chakr). These chakras are directly connected to our thinking and concentration. Thus the vibrations created by chanting mantra remove the distractions from our mind keeping it focussed and calm.
  • Vibrations created during chanting exert pressure on various parts of our face and throat. These pressures induce the brain to transmit neurotransmitters. It improves the functioning of the nervous system.
  • It keeps the heart healthy and removes negativity.
  • It calms down the mind and improves the thought process.
  • It helps in curing anxiety, stress, and helps in depression too. When the mind is calm, focussed, and free from distractions, it works better. The brain releases stress removing hormones controlling anxiety and depression. 

All these benefits of worshipping Goddess Gayatri and chanting Gayatri Mantra keeps toxicity away from mind and body. A healthy mind and a healthy body is the best combination to achieve success. Regular worshipping of Goddess Gayatri and chanting Gayatri mantra will bring peace, positivity and success in your life. 


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