Mercury Transits to Aquarius: March 2015

19 March, 2015

Don't be surprised if it feels like you can't turn off your brains right now. What happens when a planet that craves for knowledge enters the sign of knowledge? Aquarius is a relatively cool air sign that puts feeling aside to focus on more cerebral matters. Mercury is a dual planet by nature but it also posses thirst for knowledge. When mercury is in Aquarius, you are bound to have some brilliant ideas and genius schemes. During this transition, we are hungry for knowledge and unbolted to new and innovative ideas. We tend to think outside the box, become more progressive and objective in our approach. Our communication and impressions are spontaneous. Our creativity and innovative philosophies are at its peak during this period. It is believed that world's greatest inventions took place during this transition.

When mercury transits to Aquarius, we are expressive and observant. Aquarius is active, community-oriented and energetic - may be even to the point of mental exhaustion. This transit will help you get in touch of your inner child; expect to feel curious, light and ready for adventure. With Mercury is in Aquarius, this is an excellent period for getting in touch with our humanitarian goals as well as ideals. We may be more able to tap into our inner muse and come up with especially inventive ideas.

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