Health & Vedic astrology: How stars can heal your health

25 November, 2018
Health astro The horoscope is a map of the planets premeditated on a paper and is majorly called Kundli in Vedic astrology. It is within the twelve signs of zodiac placed in twelve varieties of homes. The basis of the horoscope is destiny theory. From this map, we browse the planetary influences on people in their past, present, and future. Further,Healthastro & Vedic astrology life is predicated on the planetary influences. Although, Health astro is a specialized segment of astrology application. It is about bringing the principles of Vedic Astrology in the application for the purpose of deriving the causes of problems of health. And for offering effective remedial solutions for overcoming them. As a part of it, your birth details will be used as the base for drawing out your birth chart and then it will be evaluated in detail. According to beliefs Health & Vedic astrology, every planet is influential over some or the other part of the human body and its health. Therefore, every planet is essentially required to be considered. However, special consideration would be given to the astrological parents of Sun, Saturn and Mars,which are considered to be most influential on health aspects of a person. A chart has a balance of the 5 elements given below which would indicate the chart owner as healthy. Imbalance of elements indicates some health issues. Although, It is associated with the type of afflictions indicated by the elemental nature of the element in shortage or abundance. A shortage or abundance of Vedic astrology brings with it ailments classified under the earth element is a good example of this type of condition.

The 5 type of ailments classified under each element are:

  • Fire - Heart, Eyes, Blood
  • Earth - Gastrointestinal, Skin, Bowels
  • Metal - Nose, respiratory system, bones
  • Water - Kidney, bladder, brain
  • Wood - Gall, liver, spleen, hair, limbs
These days we've got the advantage of an observatory for giving information and the advantage of computes. A Vedic astrology chartis based on two important components, time of birth and date of birth. This is necessary for the study of muhurta- (auspicious times for beginning vital events in life; e.g. relation, marriage, business ventures, jobs, surgery, etc). Vedic astrology consists of data-based astronomical calculations based on the birth time and day. The principles of Vedic astrology are supported by astronomical development. Planetary influences are the main indicators of events in life. They can even be modified, it's believed, to some extent through Vedic remedies. Although, The report made for Health astro would be included elaborate details about the health aspects of your life. And its past, present, and future. Also, the causes of the varied health problems as faced by you would be precisely assessed and elaborated in an easily understandable manner. Further,Health and Vedic Astrology would be customized according to the specific health problems faced by you so that you derive quick and permanent relief. Wherever required a diet plan and a list of do's and don'ts would be stated.

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Enrolled with PhD (Computer Science), Completed Jyotish Acharya and learned various Astrology systems and Lal Kitab from different Gurus.

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