Happiness is God's Gift

04 August, 2016
Happiness - We pray to god but miss the most important gift we have with our soul; the gift to be happy and smile even in the toughest situation.
Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.
Perhaps we forget that the feeling of joy, happiness are within our own soul. One should never forget that we are the chivalry of our happiness. Cherish every moment gifted to you like a present. Enjoy your marjoram of life till it lets you live every moment with a smile. It is all about seeing yourself in mirror every morning and thanking god for breathe we are taking in. Your existence in this world can let you achieve wonders with the same passion and smile likea new born infant has on his lips when he takes his first step. Grab every piece of opportunity with both hands and welcome the good in your life. Life is too short to define happiness rather than living it every moment. Some of us might be looking forwardto have a successful career, othermight be yearning to earn enough to spend rest of the life in a bath tub full of dollars and gold.Remaining percetage shall look forward to have a piece of lovable life partner. Of course that will make us happy but whats the need of having a piece of smile that is momentary? Happiness or the state of being happy should have no condition on it! Stretch every of the 12 muscle and bring a smile on your cheek. Make everyone around you a part of your happiness. Accept every phase of life. If you are struggling today then expect happiness to hit doors of your life in the coming days. If you have got reasons to smile then thank god for the moment you are living.

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