7 Effective remedies for a happy life

19 September, 2020

Every human being desires a happy and content life. No one wants to have sad moments in his life. But life is never the same for everyone. Each one of us has to bear his part of sorrow and sadness. Some people seldom have happiness in their lives. Sadness becomes a huge part of their life; such people eventually fall into conditions like stress, anxiety, or depression, and lose hope of happiness.

But one should never lose hope as there is always a way out of a difficulty, every problem has a solution, it is just we don't know where and how to find it. So, don't be hopeless, astrology has a solution to each of our problems. Here are some very effective remedies to spend your life happily.

Seven effective remedies for a happy life

Happiness is a thing that depends upon many factors like good health, good education, wealth and prosperity, good job or business, happy and healthy married life, etc. So we need to check and correct all these aspects of our lives to spend a happy life on a whole

  • Planetary combinations and positioning are very important for a happy life. Astrologically, the planet Moon that is responsible for happiness in life. Venus also contributes to the life of the person for his happiness. Their strong and weak positioning matters a lot. Sometimes big problems pass by not affecting us but sometimes even small problems become the cause of our mental disturbance and turmoil. If you are having the same conditions do visit your astrologer for consultation and remedial processes.
  • If you are not keeping good health, that means the planet who is the lord of the house of health, is weak. Jupiter if not in a good position and weak Saturn too causes health issues.
  • If such are the conditions, then you should fast on Mondays. You should give food to the hungry on Saturdays. Worship Lord Shiva. Chant the mantra of Lord Shiva 'Om Namah Shivay'
  • Keep kush in water and put this container near your bed. This will help in wading the malice planets away from you. In the morning bow in front of your parents and the idols of the Gods. This certainly, will bring happiness in your life and discard negativity
  • In case you are not having a good or stable job, then Chant  “Sham Shaneshchrayenamh” mantra. A good and stable job will keep you happy and content. Wear an iron ring in the middle finger of your left hand. Keep your kitchen neat and clean. Wear a Sandal tilak on your forehead
  • Chanting “Vishnu Sahastranaam” every day will bring happiness in your personal life. If your personal life is disturbed you will never remain happy. Offer turmeric mixed water to the sun and tie banana root in a yellow cloth and put in in a yellow thread. Wear this thread around your neck
  • Keep negativity away from your life. Pray to God every day. Do Aarti daily to ward off negativity from your life. You can also chant Gayatri Mantra daily to bring positivity. While cleaning your home use salt especially the sendhanamak in water to ward off negativity from your house.

Vedic Yantras play an important role in bringing happiness in your life by bringing prosperity and positivity. Planetary Gods reside in Yantras.  Their propitiation helps in getting the blessings of the planetary gods. All Deities are linked to a Yantra in some form

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