What cosmos & stars hold for Deepika & Ranveers life ahead?

Deepika Ranveer Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are arguably Bollywoods hottest couple. All are set to finally tie the knot in 2018, their relationship has been an open talk in the industry. A much PDA or romantic exchange have been witnessed between them which makes a gauging their equation difficult. Their birth chart and certain pujas can really highlight the path of their prosperous marriage.

Deepika Ranveer

Sun Sign predictions

Deepika is an earthy Capricorn who is disciplined, ambitious and grounded in reality and conservative about her emotions. Ranveer, on the other hand, is a Cancerian and is more of a creature of the heart with an active imagination. He carries his emotions with him and always wears his heart on his sleeve. Hence, they are polar opposites of each other personality. Deepikas earth sign is Capricorn and is enriched by Ranveers water sign, Cancer is just the way rain quenches soil and creates fertile ground for growth. Similarly, Deepikas stable earth element helps the ground and provides a sense of rootedness for Ranveers flowy water sign. Their differences, therefore, help them grown beautifully. Deepika is Capricorn women are known for being practical and down to earth. They rarely play the role of damsel in distress. They like to present them as self-assured and confident people and will never let anyone take them for granted beyond a reasonable point. Capricorn may make sacrifices for the sake of love but she knows where to depict the line and put a stop to a relationship that's going nowhere. This was evident when Deepika was in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor which didn't end so well. The Capricorn woman can walk down memory lanes and can share a very passionate relationship. At times, the moments spent can seem surreal. Cancer often relives these moments and looks back whereas Capricorn doesn't. They both like to keep their true feelings to themselves and express them in a restrained manner. But they are both aware of the need to connect and share deep down. They share a deep bond with their family and are very protective of those who are close to them. This is a common trait common for both Cancer and Capricorn. However, a proper Gun Milan can help in providing an apt analysis of their relationship.

Marriage and Good Luck

Sun-Moon and Venus and Mars signs compatibility show the non-love aspects of their charts are also compatible. Deepika Ranveer as a pair will find much in common and the fact that Ranveer will go out of his way to shower Deepika with praise and generous remarks will work in their favor. Deepika will be shy as lessons learned from past relationships will keep her on alert mode and she will be careful about what she shares with the public. She wouldn't hide her feelings as she will be uncomfortable about prying questions about her love life. They are both homey and this will help them form a profound connection. Such a romance can work and it can be important to develop an understanding of their sole personality traits and major differences. Astrologically,Deepika Ranveer forms a good match and they will find a common ground for their successful marriage.

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