Benefits of wearing Gold

04 July, 2024
Benefits of Wearing Gold Benefits of Wearing Gold

For ages, the yellow precious metal aka gold has been a metal forever. Riches to middle class, females to males, investors to a father, everyone is motivated to stockpile it for different purposes. Do you know along with playing a key role in the economy of a country and beauty enhancer for females, gold stores numerous astrological benefits also? If worn rightly under the supervision of an astrologer, gold can do wonders in spinning the wheels of fortune. In this blog, we delve into checking out the Astrological benefits of wearing Gold to gain growth and happiness.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Gold

Benefits of Wearing Gold

Gold, the radiant yellow metal symbolises the Sun and therefore, is said to possess the traits of the Sun. The hot ball of gases aka the Sun is source of energy and like it; gold stores the positive energy spreading life and liveliness all around. It is self-sufficient, a life supporter, a trailblazer and powerful and similar are the impacts of gold in the life of an individual wearing it. Also, gold caters prosperity, success and bliss into the life of a person adorning it. Take a look at a few impacts of the malleable metal which is a symbol of status and richness not just now but for centuries.

As per traditional astrology, gold when in touch with the body can augment the positive impact of Jupiter. Wisdom Expansion and good luck are bestowed by Jupiter to the person wearing the gold. At the same time, the benefic position of Jupiter ensures a positive approach, ingenuity, and good relationships. Gold fosters growth and enables an individual to be progressive. Wearing not in kilograms, a little ring or a small ear ring when worn rightly can allow an individual to be confident, creative, and energetic. But, buying gold any time may not bring in the luck and ecstasy; look at the best Mahurat for buying gold.

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Impacts of wearing different gold ornaments

impacts of wearing different gold ornaments

Gold Mangal sutra- An ornament of gold chain with a pendant and small black beads is worn in neck by married ladies. Wearing a gold Mangal sutra is to restrict or ease the troubles in marriage. It is usually worn by females to protect marriage from evil eyes. It also supports in building the character of a woman.

Gold Ring- Wearing a gold ring on a little finger eradicates the respiratory issues. If you want to strengthen admiration and fame for yourself, wear the ring on your middle finger. On the other hand, a gold ring is worn on the index finger to intensify the focus. Read the significance of wedding ring- A symbol of eternal love and promise, to be a smart and intelligent selector.

Zodiac signs for whom gold is lucky

Zodiac signs for whom gold is lucky

Please note that wearing gold has numerous benefits, but it will not have the same amount of impact on all people. There are few zodiac signs for whom gold can make them affluent, but there are few who shouldn’t wear it, therefore gold shouldn’t be worn randomly or willingly by any male or female. We intend to throw light on zodiac signs who should adorn gold along with knowing who shouldn’t wear gold.


All natives of Aries should wear gold rings to attract good fortune. You can benefit your family life and add harmony to it by adorning gold ring. The energy stored in the gold helps get free from the debt since the precious metal increases the income.


Gold is like a money magnet to natives of the Leo sun sign. Sun is the ruling planet that attracts success, wealth, and happiness in the life of Leo. Gold is lucky, but wearing it randomly isn’t advised.


Jupiter is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign and has close association with the gleaming metal. To the natives of this zodiac sign, gold pours the money in abundance and give them strong financial independence.

All the above zodiac signs gains benefit from wearing the yellowish and expensive metal. But, wearing it under the consultation of an Expert Astrologer would be right. Day and time play huge significance in astrology and therefore, gold should be worn at the time and date suggested by astrologers. Also, people fascinated by gemstones shouldn’t wear any stone in gold or silver on their own. This is to inform you that it isn’t a right practise and if looking to wear any metal or gemstone, procure gemstone consultancy report. An astrologer through comprehensive insight of benefic and malefic planets in your birth chart can guide you about wearing gold.

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Who Should Restrain From Wearing Gold?

If gold is an auspicious metal to many, it isn’t for many too. People born under the Taurus zodiac sign shouldn’t wear gold. According to astrology, gold is most likely to create troubles in their professional life.

In Nutshell

Gold is said to be first love of every female especially and now there is a trend amongst men also for wearing gold. The precious metal can be used to amplify your luck if embellished on the body in consultation with the pro astrologers. Talk to our Astrologers at Ask Ganesha and have a fulfilling time with success, happiness, and richness.

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