Avengers: Infinity War - A Marvel(ous) Showdown

Avengers: Infinity War Super heroes are back again: Its been long since we last heard or saw Captain Marvel, Hulk or even Spider Man. All the super heroes are back again to save the world from the ultimate destruction and from the cruel intentions of the villain Thanos are ended with the marvellous team of Marvel Super heroes and their infinity power. This time it was more than the last time, the director duo delivered to the promises that they said. This time it was best better and yes even more, not only in terms of character but with terms of the story line.


Avengers: infinity War:

More than 20 actors (Male and Female) , came together for this magnum opus film and this time it was new as all the super heroes like Thor, Iron Man, black Panther and black widow all come together to save the universe from the destroyer Thanos. A decade and 18 films later, we saw a war against the super powers colliding together, so that the universe is restored to its former glory. The colliding of Good powers of the Avengers and the evil powers of Thanos is an interesting blend of mixture, which is worth a watch.

Looking for something more:

The Director Brother duo- Anthony and Joe Russo, when come together they bring something new with every Avengers and clubbing superheroes to secure the world is their fantasy coming alive. A self proclaimed comic and super hero fanatics, they took upon themselves to create such marvel on screen that left an inedible mark on this as well as future generations to come. Avengers Fans are never disappointed as, with each movie something new is been served to the audience, which suits the taste buds of all the movie buffs. This time the usual avengers gang had many more friends joining the force to stop the Villain Thanos to take over the universe.

Characters of the Avengers: Infinity War:

The characters of the Avengers are so real, that people in a way start believing that they are the super hero in the film. The characters of this phenomenon are as follows:
  • The Iron Man or Robert Downy Jr. -
    He is so convincing as Iron Man like no other could be, looking good in the electromagnetic Suit of his, has the power on screen to be smart and an excellent engineer when donning that suit makes him a warrior. Off-screen he is the eye candy of girls.


  • The Black Panther or Chadwick Boseman-

    looks suave in the attire and dress of black hound without a tale is perhaps the first and only African American Super hero, well received by the audience with combating skills as his super power, he creates awe for the audience.

  • Black Widow or Scarlet Johansson:

    The female Marvel female super hero an inspiration to women superheroes and superwomen and common women all over the world. She doesnt have a superpower per say but her latex suit and her acrobatic abilities make her one of a kind. Honestly she is an apple for everyones eye.

  • Spiderman or Tom Holland:

    Spider man a favourite super hero of all Americans, here to save the World from the clutches of baddies and bullies. Spidermans ability to spin a web so fast that it confuses the evils and they enter a web spun by them. Joining the forces with Avengers team he surely makes a contribution here.

  • Thanos or Josh Bolin

    He is out to take over the world in his lust for power. From a distant planet of titan who wants to collect six of the infinite stones so that he is able to impose his rule on reality, wanting to re- balance the universe. He is villain and like all the other villains he defeated and reduced to a very distant planet which itself is sort of non existence.

Fans reviews:
The fans of this movie were very happy as they were able to see many of their favourite superstar and super heroes in one film. All rate this move a 4.9 out of 5. A formula for success and hit for sure a movie for all ages.


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