Remedies for Fair Complexion

Remedies For Fair Complexion

If you are interested in knowing ways to become fair, or want to have a fair complexion then read the mentioned remedies. Human life is derived from the re-human or the clay of the person from whom one is descendent of, hence it has been said that "the body of the soil gets it in the soil". Those who have been made from deep-colour mud keep themselves up even at night and try the ways of getting fairer. If you have this desire of becoming fair then read on further.

Effects of Planets :

Colours represented by the planets : The planets show different colours. Venus and Chandra show light colour, Saturn and Rahu represent Dark Colors. Due to its variable tendency, Mercury retains the appearance of the planet with which its influenced by. Jupiter represents yellow and golden colour, while Mars is represents shades of red colour.

The effect of planets also indicates the facial features, texture and reaction of the skin and the behaviour of the person. If the person's birth chart or horoscope shows the domination of Jupiter, this reflects that that the skin is golden yellow colour. With the knowledge and positive effect of the guru, there will be an increase in the entire personality and the person will appear to have a glow on the face.

When the moon dominates in the horoscope, the face is round and the skin tone i.e. the colour of the skin is fair and glows. Although both Sun and Moon are known for divine aura, that is, they provide a shine to our body. When these planets are well placed in the in the horoscope then one is blessed with a glowing skin. And not only the face but the whole persona begins to glow and attract.

In the horoscope, Exalted or positive Venus gives fair complexion and attractive personality. The power of the planets influences our appearance and not only does the mention of the overall personality in astrological texts also get very much.

When the influence of Mercury one looks younger then their actual age.

Remedies Make your lagan Chart strong

You can make the lord of the lagan strong by: chanting certain mantras (hymn), performing Homam, Abhishek and making use of yantras, doing so will not only make your face attractive but your whole body will look more attractive. Double benefits will be obtained from Navgrahas Puja, Homam or Abhishek etc. At the same time negative emotions will diminish life, whereas positive sentiments will increase. Beauty, attraction, popularity etc. increases with the auspicious effect of the Lagan lord and allied Planets.

Pleasing the planetary deities helps improve the complexion of your face, add glory and positive aura to your body and soul :

The altruistic work related to Venus or Chandra makes the person beautiful and attractive person. For this, donation of milk or white colored products such as sweets, white cloth, silk cloth, rice to women, girls, poor and needy, will prove to be very beneficial. It is also rewarding to take care of a girl and respect and honour women of all ages (whether she is your mother, sister, neighbour, friend etc.). With the positive effect of the Moon and Venus, our life gets a good and pleasant atmosphere, by which physical beauty fills, desires are fulfilled and everything turns beneficial with time.

Chandan bath

Chandan is being used for centuries for beautiful and festive work. During the olden days sandalwood was offered to the Goddesses. This process of bathing the deities with sandalwood water blesses one with cleanliness, coolness, calmness and happiness to the mind. Applying the coating of sandalwood makes the skin glowing and the colour becomes fair. In astrology, it has been mentioned that if a person is suffering from ill-effects of Saturn, then keeping the root of sandalwood in water for bath for some time and then having a bath with it helps reduce the negatives of the planet Saturn.

To get fairer skin, here are some other remedies :
  • Homemade remedy of Multitani mitti powder mixed in rose water and applied as paste before bathing helps get a fairer skin.
  • Mix lemon juice in natural moisturizer, that is, honey and keep it in a bottle and before sleeping apply it on face evenly. In a few days the complexion would be fairer and the skin will glow.
  • Aloe vera has many great qualities, one of which is ... the colour cleansing properties. Apply the fresh pulp of aloe vera for half an hour on face every morning. You will see that the scars get diminished and you get clearer skin.
  • Apply Kumkumadi oil, made from 25 herbs of Ayurveda on face, massage it gently and get fair complexion.
  • We hope that all these tips mentioned above will prove useful to you and you will look beautiful every moment.

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