Remedies for Child Birth / to give birth to Son or Daughter

Astrological Remedies For Child Birth

If you want the perfect remedies for child birth then read this properly. Being a parent is the best thing for a couple, but at times there are those who easily cannot get this happiness so this article has some remedies to help in child birth. These remedies will help you get the happiness in your life.

Astrological Remedies for Child birth :

The remedies mentioned below can be used to get rid of any of any sort of astrological obstruction

  • Increase the influence of the fifth Lord: By worshipping the fifth Lord, the bad effects of the fifth house in the horoscope can be removed.
  • Please Lord Jupiter: Worshiping lord Jupiter is the easiest way for child birth. So in order to impress the Jupiter, and increase its effects, it is advised to pray to lord Jupiter.
  • Doing Charity: Jupiter or Guru is associated with Thursday, so if donating jaggery or Gudd to poor people on Thursday, is beneficial
  • Navgrahas Puja:  All the planets and the celestial bodies will bless you if you perform the  Navgrahas puja. Your life will be positive and the problems arising in terms of childbirth will be removed.
  • Pray to Rahu - Ketu: The interaction and association of Rahu and Ketu with fifth house or fifth lord in the horoscope determines delay or obstacle regarding child birth. Rahu and Ketu are the representatives of the bad omens in our horoscopes. If you want to get rid of Rahu- Ketu malefic effect, then it is advised that one should recite their mantra, and do charity
  • The  mantra to reduce the effects of Rahu: Om Bhram Bhrim Bhroom Sahh Rahvey Namah

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