Remedies for reduce fat

Yogasans To Reduce Obesity

In today's busy life, people become so busy in the rotation of livelihood that they do not pay attention to their health at all, due to which they have to face many health problems, the most common and terrifying in them is Obesity. Not only does it spoil your personality, but also a major reason for major diseases such as heart disease, thyroid, liver etc. Obesity does not only affect you physically but also causes you to mental stress, people gradually lose their self-confidence and, at all times, keep on asking about how to reduce obesity?

It would be better; therefore, that you stop obesity in the early stages, and adopt measures to reduce waist size. Many of us use a variety of expensive supplements and obesity-reduction medicines available in the market to reduce obesity, which is very harmful for our health.

Reasons for being Fat/ obesity :
  • Eating more spicy and oil-rich foods.
  • Steady lifestyles
  • Not enough sleep
  • Heredity
  • Pre-medical problem
  • Staying inactive leading to mental stress
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Metabolism
Astrological remedies to reduce weight :

It is said that our physical activities or changes depend on our planets; therefore, astrological advice is also very important in any kind of physical problem. Through astrology we can get some solutions to reduce obesity.

In the scriptures Jupiter Planet which controls the body fat in our body, it is considered to be a factor of any kind of growth. It is believed that if there is any problem on the planet Guru, then the person may have a physical problem. For a person who wants a healthy and healthy life, it is necessary for him to strengthen the master planet in his/her horoscope.

  • Strengthen the Jupiter Planet : To please Jupiter Planet, you need to  worship Vishnu Dev whole heartedly. It has been said in the scriptures that after worshiping Vishnu Dev with the true heart, the person gets the desired object
  • Shrimad Bhagwat Purana : One of the eighteenth Puranas of the Hindus is a solution to remove every problem of a person . With a pure and sincere mind, you should recite the Shrimad Bhagwat Purana
  • Guru Yantra : Regularly  worship the Guru Yantra.  To achieve the desired fruits, keep the Guru Yantr on the Thursday and worship the same every day.
  • Shiva Sahastranam Stotra : You can strengthen planet Jupiter through the chanting of Shiva Sahastranam. For this, you need to get up in the morning and sit in a quiet place after bathing and chant Shiv Sahastranam
  • 5 Mukhi Rudraksh : To get benefit from the five faces Rudraksha, you should wear it after getting it energized properly. You can get help from a purohit ji s for this

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