Remedies to remove evil eye effects

Measures To Avoid Evil Eye

When a person has a evil eye on someone, then he gets into lots of troubles. Due to evil eye effects, problems arise in man's life deliberately. During this time his work gets disturbed. In every sphere, he/she gets disappointment, so to avoid the evil eye, people chant the mantra and take help of other remedies. Apart from this, people try many ways to protect from evil eye. It is generally believed that the positive energy of the person is destroyed due to this. Whatever he/she does, he has to suffer loss. The happiness at home gets disturbed. It is necessary to know the ways to remove and protect from evil eye..

    Astrological Measures of Evil Eye :
  • Donate seven grains (seven types of grain) on Wednesday.
  • Establish Rahu Yantra and worship it.
  • Wear nine faced Rudraksha.

In our childhood, our grand parents, mother, made use of dry red chilli, alum, salt filled with fennel or neem sprig to get rid of evil eye. Apart from this, let's know other tips.

  • Children should wear, yellow Clamshell, with a hole periced in it.
  • Wear a pearl moon lancet or wear black-white pearl bracelets.
  • If a child refuses to drink milk then, it would be good to take that milk and give it to a dog for a couple of days and this would help remove evil eye.
  • If you suspect that the child had a bad or evil eye of a person then it is advised that the same person should move his/ her hand over the child a couple of times.
  • Take two red dry chillies, a little rock salt, a little bit of sesame seeds in your hand and whirl it around the child and then put all this on a hot flame.
    Tricks to remove evil eye from business :
  • Hang a lemon and green chillies out of the workplace on a Saturday or Tuesday in a thread and turn it on drying. This is the most popular trick in a way to avoid bad eyesight.
  • On Saturday, touch a green lemon on the four walls of the factory, office or shop. After this, cut the lemon into four pieces and throw a piece of lemon into four directions.
  • Put four tacks inside your business establishment in four directions. This will bring a bad look in your business.
  • To avoid the bad eye of rivals in the business, place lemon in a glass filled with water in the establishment. This will not make them look bad in your business and this trick will save you from a bad look.
    Remedies to protect your home from Evil Eye :
  • On a Friday at the door binding of your house hang a mala made of Ashok Leaves.
  • Any sort of bad eye will be removed from your house, if you have a peacock feather on the front door.
  • Sprinkle Gangajal, in your home every day.

On Fridays, keep the black horseshoe soaked in mustard oil. On Saturday morning, remove this horseshoe and wipe it with a clean cloth, and in front of this burn a diya, and pray to Shani God , and chant the Shani mantra for 108 times. After this hang the horse shoe outside your house, any bad omen and evil eye will be removed.

The Nazar Dosh Nivaran Puja is done when one is having a normal, routine life going on and suddenly the things start turning towards the worst and unprecedented unpleasant activities, with no plausible explanation the puja done helps a person to get protected from such negative energy and gives the person strength to fight all odds. This puja is done by many people on regular basis.

Get the Nazar Dosh Nivaran Puja from AskGanesha website, it is available to you, for single day, 5 days and 11 days all these Pujas are done by our learned Purohit under the guidance of our well- versed Astrologer.

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