Ask A Question (Marriage)

Top Customer Reviews is one website that I find highly reliable. Last year when the hottest topic was my marriage, out of curiosity I opted to ask whether my husband will be well off and my surprise their answer was perfectly true and I got married. Today I belong to a very well to do hubby!

By Sangeeta, housewife, Pune

I had a lot of bad examples of marriage around me, in fact my parents are divorced. I always had a negative view point towards marriage and that's why refused to marry. My mom forced me to consult some astrologer and then I contacted askganesha and asked whether will I have a happy married life, they said yes and today I m a happy married man

By Sunil Singh, S. Manager, Bangalore

I had the same experience, I validate the service of asking a question on Marriage, ofcourse their answer came out to be true but the noticeable thing here is their behaviour. The astrologer is highly polite in his answers and their response was prompt.

By Dhayaan Chokraborty, writer, Bengal

One of the best astrology websites, I have come across. Great service, true predictions and highly managed activities. Ask a question is fun as well as enlightening as well. I'm glad to come across this website.

By Gauri Nanchahal, Engineer, Delhi

I was in love with a girl for 5 years and was mad to get married to her. Even after insisting of my parents that this girl will leave me or she is after just for my money, I never listened to her. I asked askganesha will I get married to my girlfriend and they said no. even after that I did not budge, that girl left me for some other guy after 4 months. This is an eye opener.

By Gaurav Khandelwal, actor, Noida

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