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Two years back, I started a big project in which I invested a lot of money. After some time I got money stuck and I started to worry about the success of my project. It is then I asked Askganesha to know my future and asked a question. Askganesha assured me that my money is safe and secured

By Anshuman Singh, builder, UP

Hello, I m a serviceman. We do not get enough money from a job that we can buy any property or car. Out of curiosity, I asked this question from and they predicted a time period which came out to be true

By Rakesh Kumar, sales manager, Noida

Hi everyone. I want to share my experience with you all. I was struggling with financial problems for like a decade and then I decided to consult some pundits which only resulted in vain. Then I got to know about this website and then consulted this website. They told me date when my financial issues will be over also told me some solutions to heal the adversity and it actually worked.

By Anjana Sinha, teacher, Saharanpur

My sister in law told me about saying that its predictions are based on knowledge and logic. They are 99.9% true! I had a student loan on me that I was unable to pay as I got married early in life. I consulted this website about when I will be able to repay my loan and they told me the time duration along with some solutions.

By Manoj Trivedi, Lawyer, Nagpur

Due to continuous worries related to downfall in my business, I decided to go to some astrologer. Because off shortage in time, I went online and found this website that provides answers to one question for a cheap price, upon asking they told me some solutions and suggestions to grow my business which worked.

By Mathew Anand, Businessman, Goa

I never saw luxury in my entire life as I belong to lower middle class. I wanted to know if ever in life I will be able to attain lot of money and luxury and so I asked this question from which suggested me to do some activities that can help me alleviate my financial status and they proved to be true for me.

By Shantanu Tyagi, engineer, Meerut

I have applied for a loan from a bank for my now project which was not getting cleared due to some problems. I got really happy to see that has the exact question written in its ask a question forum n so I asked it and they told me when and how will I get the loan cleared. I am very lucky that I believed them and did not give up

By Debashish parashar, head at construction company, Kolkata

I am a housewife and just out of fun I thought to give it a try and asked that when the income of my husband will increase and by how much on his behalf. I am surprised to see how accurate predictions they make

By Sneha Gupta, housewife, New Delhi

I am a woman working as HR consultant. For me it was very difficult to build my business as no one in my family motivated or supported me. It worried me day and night as to when my business will be settled so I resorted to ask a question about my problem from and they told me the time frame of a year in which my business actually started to pick grip

By Nishi, HR consultant, Gurgaon

My friend took a loan of rs 2 lakhs from me which I guess he forgot completely and never seemed to return it. My wife told me to ask an astrologer as to if ever I ll get my money back. I opted for ask a question service from which gave me solutions to get my money back and I got it back in 3.5 months

By Ayush Gautam, Lawyer, Kerala

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