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About Lucky Gemstone

Gemstones are natural stones of specific colour responding to specific planet in the solar system. Some stones are even associated with sun and Moon even though they are not any planets. It can be said that a gemstone is precious or semi – precious stone that are cut, polished and made into jewellery or adornments. They are both hard and soft, because of their lustre, physical value, aesthetic property are some features that makes them what they are. At the same time, they are rare so another feature that adds to gemstones value.

How can Gemstone help you?
  • The main function of a gemstone is to increase the intensity of aura and rays of the corresponding planet, it is associated with.
  • Wearing of a particular stone of the planet, will improve the planetary effects and at the same time will fill you with positivity and attract positive vibes.
  • These stones have the effect on the subconscious of the person, so the bear is able to make his or her own decision, take risk, do calculation and improve life.
  • They have proved beneficial in curing ailments and remove even the age old pains and ailments.
  • Gemstones also help in managing the flow, rather the positive flow of energy, in the body.
  • They bring in luck and prosperity.
How to know which gemstone you should wear:

Gemstones are recommended by the date of birth. Most astrologers, predicts wrong gemstones that are not good for you. They prepare the gemstone after studying three main aspects Lagan Chart, the Moon sign and Sun sign

  • The Lagan Gemstone is based on the leading planet of the lagan, hence a stone is recommended for the same.
  • Moon Sign Gemstone is recommended on the basis of the moon sign the date of birth depicts that.
  • Lastly the sun Sign Gemstone is based on the zodiac sign of the bearer.

All the astrologers give the gemstones based on these three aspects hence 3 gemstones, creating confusion, when and what to wear. This confusion leads the bearer to wear wrong gemstone and hence it creates bad effects on them. To avoid this confusion you visit different astrologers and take their advices, leading you to wear wrong gemstone having adverse effects on you and your life.

Beat Healing Gemstones

Best healing crystals/gemstone to have By Askganesha:

We at AskGanesha work for your benefit to provide you the best and lucky gemstone. Our method is a little different. 3 steps of recommending you the best gemstones:
  • We analyse each and every planet in the horoscope chart.
  • We ask your preference as in do you want it for health, financial gain or overall development.
  • Lastly, we study all gemstones, and analyse which gemstone is good in all the criterion and which gemstone is in tandem with all the planets, and we provide that to you, So that you can reap maximum benefits. You can go to our website for your

Gemstone consultancy report.

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