About Karmas

The astrologer reads the prarabdha karmas, the portion of sanchita karmas that we are destined to experience in this present life. The chart reveals the positive and negative aspects of our prarabdha karmas. All of us must experience our prarabdha karmas. The moment of birth determines the prarabdha karmas. These karmas can be either sattvic, rajasic, or tamasic, depending on the nature of the planets involved. In addition, these karmas can have different levels of intensity, and here we have the following three classification:

Dridha Karmas - these karmas are extremely difficult to change and are represented in the chart by serious afflictions or impediments caused by the poor placement of house lords and the influence of malefic planets. An example of this would be the level of wealth of poverty in an individuals life or the level of success in his/her career.

Dridha/Adridha Karmas - These are less serious and can be changed only through determined effort, especially through spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, and sincere devotion to God(ess) and charitable contributions for a good cause.

Adridha Karmas - these can easily be changed by cultivating good attitudes and through good actions.

Astrology is a deep and penetrating subject and it can have wonderfully healing effects in helping us understand the meaning of life and the experiences we are destined to have in this world. My astrological work with clients over the past several years has shown me that people are often relieved when they discover the reason why certain areas of life seem to bring on endless challenge and suffering. We tend to be obsessed or preoccupied with the areas of our chart that promise those challenges and proper astrological guidance can put it all in proper context. Remedial measures can be prescribed or our attitudes can be redirected to other areas, while not entirely neglecting the areas of challenge.

To neglect the areas of challenge in life would be akin to cheating ourselves out of some important life experiences, but astrology has the unique capacity to help us differentiate the real from the unreal and to tone our expectations so that we are able to see that we are the creators of the very complexity that we too often project onto the world, to those around us or even to our God(ess).

Once we have overcome the human habit of blaming others for our own shortcomings, we are well on our way to self-understanding and the development of those enviable human traits such as generosity, kindness, and selflessness.

Astrology gives us a connection to the soul's intention for us and in this sense it can helps us develop a relationship with the spiritual dimension. It can help us overcome spiritual impoverishment and a sense of meaninglessness in life that the dry religions are often unable to address.

Combined with yoga, ayurveda, and spiritual practices, it offers us access to a world of hidden and mysterious influences that helps us master our relationship with mind, body and spirit - a world that transcends the so called normal scope of human intelligence, a world that brings an awareness of the Divine energies that penetrate our soul and personality in our daily walking.