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Leo People just check here what YEAR 2016 holds for you?

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General, Leo 2015

The year, 2015, would bring new hopes and positive change in life for Leo zodiac people. They might visit many places of religious prominence and also enroll in some kind of spiritual service. This year, they would place themselves in a much better position both socially and financially. There is a hint of obstacle in their way but they need not worry as they would overcome the entire barrier with positive attitude. Leos are sharp at analyzing things and careful evaluation of pros and cons would reap many benefits for them. Their family might encourage them to put their hands into something risky. They would also receive strong support from their near and dear ones. This year for Leo, a new project would place them in the limelight and with a little patience they would be able to reach success too. Some of them might be attracted towards religion too. If any of the Leo-born are aspiring for professional sports, the time is right to get trained under an expert. Accompanying someone to a friend's place is possible this year 2015. Get a Complete Life Report for the year 2015-2016

Love & Relationships, Leo 2015

It is foreseen by astrologers at Askganesha that married couples would have to balance time and importance between their life-partner and friends. Loyalty towards relationship is very important. Leo horoscope reveals that if Leos are already in a committed relationship, then it could get unstable as the year brings some ups and downs with it. There is a strong possibility of a serious relationship with marriage as the end goal near the mid of 2015. Prediction for Leo says that their true love would find them and their relationship would turn to a concrete bond with family support. They might also fall in love with someone by networking or through social sites. There would be chance of developing external affair which could have adverse effect on their marital life this year. A proper cooperation from both sides of the relationship would be necessary to make it stable and Leo individuals would need to keep themselves cool and hold onto their patience in times of arguments.

Overall the year 2015 for Leo natives would be very close to their heart as they would have a gala time with their loved ones. Love is in the air so a good time on the romantic front is expected in the month of February. Some of them might decide to accept things as they are and make compromises in their married life especially if they have been married for long. Those who have been awaiting divorce would now receive it easily. Get a Marriage Report for the year 2015-2016

Profession and Finances, Leo 2015

Performance of Leo natives on the academic and professional front might prove to be a mixed bag in this year. Working on weaknesses without ignoring strengths would be the right step. Their business would expand and reach newer heights. Finance horoscope reveals high probability of purchasing a house this year. The year 2015 would also bring better opportunity and extra responsibilities so it is necessary to choose task according to ability. Those who have suffered financial setback last year would recover their money with huge profit margin. Hence, financially, 2015 would be a strong year and Leos would make a great deal of money. Money flow is unabated as there could be an additional income from a different source in the middle of the year. Leo would do best in their career and might receive a handsome remuneration. However, they need to remain very cautious with every step. Those looking for raising funds for a new venture would be successful. Repayment of loans taken for property would be easy. Students would have a successful year and would do exceptionally well in their forthcoming exams. For them, Askganesha astrologers predict that participating in individual sports and games would win them medals in national and state level sports event.

AskGanesha astrologers' advice - You should be careful about being egoistic and over-aggressive. Keep your ideas secret and stay positive. Be loyal to yourself and committed to hard-work to see positive changes. You are advised to be patient and not over-react to tricky situations and make further mistakes. Opt a Career or Business Report for the year 2015-2016

Family & Social Life, Leo 2015

2015 horoscope for Leo reveals that busy schedule and paucity of time might make these people skip a family function. Patience is the key to a harmonious household. Their patience and compassion would ensure that their family loves and supports them. Health of an elderly family member might become a cause of major concern and require time and attention. Leo social life would be full of enjoyment. They'd get appreciation from family and relatives for success. It is foreseen by astrologers that organizing a function or events can drain Leo people and keep them on the edge during this year. Also, their sincerity and sense of responsibility would help them retain their marriage. Get a Year Ahead Report for the year 2015-2016

Travel, Leo 2015

Probability of travelling to domestic place is high for Leo zodiac people this year 2015. They might also have to travel to a new city for a family festival or celebration. Travel by road would be safer than go by air or train. A trip to some religious place during the month of September and October is also foreseen and so is staying away from home for work related tours. In fact travelling would take up a lot of time this year. A possibility of falling in love with someone from a foreign country or while visiting foreign lands is also expressed. Get a Travel Report for the year 2015-2016

Health, Leo 2015

Leo mental and physical status would be stable throughout the year. However, this is the time when a proper care of health would give them good results. Their biggest challenge in 2015 would be finding time to relax and take life at a steadier pace. Some of the Leo individuals might be prone to asthma and hence must not neglect even a minor infection. Health horoscope says that following medical advice as far as drinking and eating habits are concerned is a must or the Leo might be inviting a trouble for themselves. Also, if they are not being regular in their exercise routine, it is likely to affect their health adversely. However, most of them would stay fit and fine during the year 2015. Askganesha astrologers' advice - You would need to be careful while driving as injury is likely. Also watch against any contagious disease taking a toll on you. Keeping a positive frame of mind would help you stay fit and energetic. Get a Health Report for the year 2015-2016

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