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The Year 2012 is just round the corner, and I am Abhishek Dhawan, your astrologer. Let me give everyone a warm welcome and encourage you to come up and know your yearly horoscope, and also what holds for you in the future. The events that would occur in the year 2012 are related to Love life, financial status, Career, Travel, Family Life and Health etc. All the signs always continue to grow and develop.

Scorpio 2012 horoscope and 2012 Scorpio Astrology

Just check what YEAR 2012 holds for you?


Hello! I am Abhishek Dhawan your astrologer. I offer a warm welcome to all the people belonging to the Scorpio zodiac and interested to read their yearly zodiac horoscope. Last year you made your ambitions and desires well known. Now it is the time for a break away from all that. Whether you like or not, this year you will be forced to slow down and concentrate on yourselves. Hitches, delays and the likes will mean your year will get off slow start and the first few months will be a lot of hard-work. But at the same time you will be slightly magical. You will have very strong intuition, you will meet some extraordinary people and you will be very creative. You will have lot of ideas will be running through your head and you will also feel as if you are at a crossroads in your life. The decision you make this year will be very important because every decision you take this year will have serious repercussions for the year to come. If you go ahead carefully you will soon your dream will into reality.

Love and Relationships Horoscope Scorpio 2012

You may feel a need for solitude. Not everything was going well last year but this year things could really come to a head. If you were happy in your relationship you would be ok this year too, but as it is you are feeling the need for a bit more independence. You would have a habit of retreating into your own little bubble to reflect on your life. You will learn more about yourself during this year, but most important will be about your own romantic side. You may feel an urge to do too much or to improve on every aspect of your relationship. So fight this feeling and focus on what is truly important. You are willing to take new risks and see the deeper and more passionate side of love. It will not be easy but it will be rewarding. This is a pivotal time in your romantic life. The universe is trying to show that you are now ready taking your relationship to a new level of understanding, equality and love. If you want fun in your love life then this year has it in store for you. Some of you are searching for honesty and truth in relationships. Scorpions are those types of people who find it easy to fall in love but you are not always sure what they want. You have not been completely happy with your love life lately and you hold much resentment about the past, or present, relationships. It is not easy let history fade away into your past, especially when it seems like only yesterday that you were hurt or disappointed. However, do not despair, as this will all be old news, come midyear. Start from within. Clean out the cobwebs on your heart and absorb the warmth of a bright new day. The later pat of the year 2012 also signals an increased sexual appetite.

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Work/Profession, Career/Business Scorpio 2012
and Finances Horoscope Scorpio 2012

This year your wealth is going to bring prosperity and considerable increase in income. There will be more than one source of income for you along with an option of long term monetary stability. There is also a probability of showering of numerous luxuries of life. Simultaneously there will be an increase in your day to day trivial expenses. Be aware of some wrong decisions that might result in faulty investments and loss of assets. Natives will make big investments on business by the end of the year 2012 and will make you experience all those pending luxuries that you have always wanted to enjoy. This year is also ideal for beginning of studies and acquiring new skills and knowledge. If success is not immediate then you should not be upset, take a step back and then move on again in the chosen direction. There will be a turning point in your professional life. Still, many problems that may be difficult to overcome are possible to occur. Complicated situations happened in your past may continuously bother you and may be expressed in different ways. In the first quarter of this year it is recommended to businessmen and directors of all levels to pay attention to their employees. Perhaps, you will have to fire someone or to refresh the structure of your organization. An employee may have a conflict with some colleagues and will think of looking for another job. Beside, an existing juridical problem may continuously worry you. In the 2nd half of the year 2012 may have a chance to misunderstanding with partner or your boss will begin and by October end the situation will have become a crisis. At the same time an alternate opportunity is likely to occur and you will change your work or take up another opportunity. Businessmen will possibly move to a new office or consider a renovation of old premises. This is your time to make your mark and show just what you can do. Do not hold back. Be bold and parade your talents and you will be pleased with the results.

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Family and social Life Scorpio 2012

You may also lead a rich lifestyle and play different role in the family and personal life. You could also develop a friction with your mother or elderly women from the paternal side. This is a good time for elderly citizen to be in the company of their family. A special person in your life will expand your horizon through discussion. He or she will also help you organize yourself better and he or she will encourage your ambitions. Native will shine brilliantly due to their expertise and skill in the social circle. The year 2012 is very auspicious for getting some good news concerning family members. New relationship with burn bright and intense but will be short lived- no lasting damage will be done if you manage your emotion carefully.

Travel Horoscope Scorpio 2012

Travel packs your personal philosophy with the rest of the things as the year 2012 begins. It does not take up much but can help navigate unfamiliar turf. 2nd half of the year 2012 indicates plenty of journeys with the business or work partner. There are also probabilities of journey by air. Natives might go on a journey with their spouse that will be purely a pleasure trip. It is better to discuss with a travel planner if you plan to move overseas. You will get a good business opportunity if you travel abroad. You will also go for a long drive and spend a considerable amount of time with your family members and a group of friends in the second quarter. Traveling to a hill station may prove good for you during the year 2012. Plan your trip in such a way that you enjoy a lot.

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Health Horoscope Scorpio 2012

In the year 2012, native’s health shall remain perfectly fit. Just stay alert of eating food too much. You will be greatly benefited as you give way to Reiki in your life. Devote little time for relaxation also. It is high time to do away with the habit of wasting valuable energy on petty issues. Your prolonged illness is going to teach you an important lesson as you realize the importance of keeping fit. Do not allow hypocrisy creep into your relations otherwise you could face some loss of mental peace. Give yourself the dose of social company to boost spirits. You will enjoy happiness in the company of friend. Make sure that fresh air and vigorous activity in the outdoors feature in your health routines. Take special care with concern to the liver and the thigh region.

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Recommended Remedies for you during year 2012
1. For prosperity, give food to three street dogs daily.
2. Take water in a silver tumbler to attract good luck. Do not keep arms in the house
3. Wear a pure gold ring in the left hand ring finger.

Recommended Vedic Pujas and Homams
1. Sarv Graha Puja
2. Mangal (Mars) Puja
Ganapati Puja

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