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 Wondering when you will have your DREAM HOME
When You will have your Own VEHICLE
CONTACT US and Know all about it.

property-vehicle report
Astrology predictions on property disputes, money matters, Purchase or Sale, Big house, luxurious vehicles.

Property/Vehicle Purchase Report

Buying property and high-class vehicle are the typical hopes for anyone and requires good finance from anyone's pocket. For many people, their purchase may possibly involve their complete personal saving. At times, it is co-related with the status of family.

A native has several typical doubts about the buying of his/her real estate and vehicles.

Our expert astrologer will help you by giving answers to your queries such as

  • When am I going to buy a vehicle or property?
  • What will be status and condition of my vehicle/property?
  • Which color would suit for my vehicle?
  • Would I purchase my property through loan or otherwise?
  • Will I invest in a commercial real estate or residential?
  • When should I start construction on my piece of land?
  • Will I have any rental earnings from my property?
  • Are there chances of me loosing my property in a lawsuit?
  • Do I have to do partition or sale of property?
  • Will I receive a asset or automobile as a gift?
  • My car was snatched by someone. Am I going to have it returned?
  • Will I be able to sustain my car or truck?
  • When should I sell my property/vehicle?
  • Will I receive insurance claim for my Vehicle?

The Property/Vehicle Purchase Report will help you find out the precise time periods when you might be able to purchase vehicle or property for yourself and all of such concerns stated earlier.

Additionally, our professional astrologers would propose you one of a kind and efficient remedies which will enable you in reducing the malefic effect of the planets as well as boost the benefic effect of the planets. The recommended remedies are utterly secure and provides needed results.

This report will present you with:

  • Your natal horoscope
  • Your personal astrological details
  • Effects of houses concerned with Property/Vehicle
  • Effects of respective planets.
  • Analysis of Divisional Chart
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Special comment on your Property/Vehicle concern
  • Periods of buying Property/Vehicle
  • Dasha table
  • Dasha Analysis of whole Life in regards to Property/Vehicle
  • Yantra recommendations
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies

                                    US $20
                                         Rs. 1100/-





When you are going to have your own car or property

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