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 Looking for a companion
Curious to find out how Married Life will be
We will let YOU know TRUST US

marriage report
Marriage predictions on spouse, wife, husband, compatibility, relationships, love, romance, sexual compatibility, separation, divorce.
Marriage is probably the most critical decisions of your life.

A marital relationship is not merely about love. It is also about giving, sharing, sacrificing, adjusting, in-laws, and babies! Matrimony is coming together of two individuals, from different backgrounds and upbringing, to live together and raise up a family in a world of their own.


  • Know the finest period for getting hitched.
  • Learn all about your Marriage, Romance and Relationships.
  • Find out whether you will get married to the person of your choice.
  • In the event that you are required to make a choice, who should you choose?
  • What would be the best way to know which one is right for you?
  • Discover whether you and your would be spouse are compatible or not.
  • When will you get married?
  • Why are you encountering delays in marriage?
  • Are you apprehensive about your married life?
  • Will you have a love or an arranged marriage?
  • Uncertain whether to make a commitment or not?
  • Will you have pre- or extra-marital affairs?
  • Are there chances of your engagement falling apart?
  • Will you remain a bachelor whole of your life?


  • Do you wonder whether you will have a compatible and happy marital life or not?
  • Do you enjoy complete marital Bliss?

Should you wish to be aware of the fluctuations within your marriage, or perhaps best or toughest period of your marital life opt for the Marriage Report.

Astrologers at can help you to identify the favorable as well as unfavorable phases of your life. Plus, you also provide details of your partner, our astrologer could then co-relate the two horoscopes. Thereby exposing areas of love and discord between two of you and provide an overall view to help you take pleasure in the happy times & triumph over your bad periods.

For providing you most beneficial solutions, we also recommend unique remedial steps to fix your current marriage related issues. Due attention is taken while analyzing your astrology report, and suggesting unique and usually affordable remedies to sort all kinds of marital problems. Each of our remedies are safe and deliver the desired benefits.

You every possible question is going to be clarified from your personalized Marriage Report. In case, you have any specific queries associated with relationship which is not included in the previously mentioned points, you can also ask our experienced astrologers.


  • Will you get a divorce?
  • Will you be able to remarry?
  • Is your spouse cheating on you?

Such Inquiries can also be addressed appropriately in your Marriage Report.

All information is kept completely confidential.

This report will give you:

  • Your natal horoscope
  • Your personal Astrological details
  • Influences of houses concerned with Marriage/Married Life
  • Effects of specific planets.
  • Evaluation of Divisional Chart
  • Emotional Weaknesses and strengths
  • Exclusive comment on your married life
  • Periods associated with harmony and discord
  • Promise of children in horoscope
  • Timing of children
  • Dasha table
  • Dasha Assessment in relation to marriage (15 years.)
  • Yantra suggestions
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies

                                    US $37 / INR 2099/-



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