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energized shukra yantra

Shukra Yantra to appease Planet Venus

Purification and Energization by AskGanesha Purohits

With Special 30 Energized Incense Sticks

Special Offer Price: US $ 40 / Rs. 2500 only

Shipping out of India Rs. 1000 additional

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Shukra yantra is based on the planet Venus and it is a very powerful pattern of energy in geometric form. Planet Venus is the giver of love, relationship, sex and luxury. Venus is the lord of materialistic worldly comforts.

Shukra Yantra is very powerful and helps you in terms of love, spouse, relationship and attracting riches of life. It creates positive energy and helps bring in wealth, good fortune, love of the desired, winning boy or girl friend's attention, improvement in marital life and prosperity. Thus its influence has a very positive impact on life.

The prices are inclusive of energization, purification of yantra and shipping charges

Special Offer Price: US $ 40 / Rs. 2500 only

Shipping out of India Rs. 1000 additional

Top Customer Reviews

Lord Shukra yantra is a powerful remedy to appease the planet venus. Planet venus symbolises healthy sex life, love life and alive attraction. I used this service of last year and found it extremely effective and keeping attraction alive in my married life.

By Shokar Ahuja, Businessman, New delhi

While I was finding finance becoming a problem in my life, one of my frnd told me about the Venus yantra that is energised by They purify and energise it and then they ship it. The price also is not too much and also affordable. I ordered it and it really helped me gain wealth overtime.

By Anjali Sinha, Doctor, Shimla

I have used Venus yantra, it is very effective indeed. I was upset because of my married life as it has lost taste. I heard of this very famous Venus Yantra. I bought it online and it proved really effective in keeping romance spark alive in my life again.

By Gautam Juneja, Engineer, Hyderabad

I was in love with a girl but she did not seem interested, after a lot of struggle I could not make her fall in love with me. I read about this powerful yantra online on I gave it a try and found it extremely useful as it sure did gain the attention of the girl and she started responding with love.

By Rohan Aggarwal, Student, Bhopal

This is a good yantra which creates positive energy around us in the home or any place on which it is put. My business was suffering losses and then I read about this yantra. I ordered it and placed it in my office. It is paid. I live outside of India so it is a bit costlier than it is in India but totally worth it, my business is on again.

By Tanmay Gaily, store operator, Stanford

Shukra Yantra

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Special Offer Price: US $ 40 / Rs. 2500 only

Shipping out of India Rs. 1000 additional

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