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energized kalsarp yantra

Kal Sarpa Yantra

Purification and Energization by AskGanesha Purohits

With Special 30 Energized Incense Sticks

Special Offer Price: US $ 40 / Rs. 2500 only

Shipping out of India Rs. 1000 additional

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If you are having a KalSarpa Dosh in your horoscope or any members horoscope in your family, then this energized KalSarpa Dosh Nivaran Yantra is going to help you in reducing its bad effects.

The planets Rahu and Ketu are most powerful planets as they enrich all the characteristics and features of planets with which they come in link with. Rahu and Ketu both are shadowy planets and needed to be rectified through the yantras which are prepared during nights.

Kalsarpa Yantra is a useful yantra that is used to minimize the negative influence of KalSarpa Dosha.

The Kalsarpa Yantra is energized by our purohits especially for you and are not made in bulk as shown on TV. The Kaal Sarp Yanatra is energized by vedic mantras and homam specially for the devotee.

Special Offer Price: US $ 40 / Rs. 2000 only

Shipping out of India Rs. 1000 additional

Top Customer Reviews

I was suffering from kal sarp dosha and that's why I was facing many problems. I did many pujas to get rid of the problem but I don't think this problem is easy to go. Kal sarp dosh bad effects can get lesser if kal sarp yantra which provides, is used. I used it and found my problems getting less.

By Ashish Taneja, property dealer, Jharkhand

Kal sarp yantra is combination of very effects of rahu and ketu. My married life was very bad and my wife and me fought almost every day. Then my frnd told me about this website, askganesha. I consulted its astrologer, he suggested me one puja and kal sarp yantra. I ordered both and today my life is much better. I feel that both these things have really helped my life getting better.

By Paras Rajpal, tea business, Assam

My business suddenly stops growing and there were many losses in it. I checked with a pundit about my kundli and he told me that I have kal sarp dosha in my kundli. He suggested me to use kal sarp dosh yantra which I used for a month and my business was back on track.

By Kashish Ahuja, businessman, Delhi

I used kal sarp dosha as I was suffering from idiotic tensions and depression without any reason becoz of which my personal and professional life suffered huge distractions. I consulted and they provided me kal sarp dosha yantra as they found out that I have kal sarp in my horoscope. Anyways, the yantra worked like magic and my mind gained peace after a short time of its usage.

By Manju Mittal, Palaeontologist, Budepest

According to me, is the best website of today. The astrologer of this website is very educated and highly trained. He has suggested me many remedies and they all were very effective. Recently I bought kal sarp dosha yantra from it for someone, and it really came useful.

By Trishna Chopra, model, Chandigarh

Kal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Yantra

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Special Offer Price: US $ 40 / Rs. 2500 only

Shipping out of India Rs. 1000 additional

The prices are inclusive of purification and energization of yantra

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