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Vedic stories of Lord Hanuman

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Lord Hanumana stories

How Hanuman tried to swallow the Sun

Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god, is one of the most celebrated and worshiped figures in Indian religion. Sri Hanuman who is praised as SRI RAMA SEVA DURANDHARA or the one greatly devoted to the service of Sri Rama, is known for his extra ordinary capabilities. He would not be universally worshiped if he were to be a mere servant. He has many temples dedicated to him.

Lord Hanuman has many specialties. He is an extra ordinary state. Sri Hanuman is an exception. His strength is incomparable. He is said to be the storehouse of immeasurable strength, shinny like a mountain of gold . Lord Hanuman is also bestowed with matching intelligence. He is described as the best among intelligent people and the first among the spiritual people.

Read the story about how Lord Hanuman tried to swallow the Sun

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