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Sarv Vighn Harta Kavach

Kavach (armour) making started at the ancient periods even more than 5500 years back in India. It is the ancient spiritual process of creating protection against evils and negative powers so that the positive energies can get space to act positively on you and to expedite the process of fulfilling your WISHES and DESIRES.

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The Sarv Vighn Harta Kavach box contains the following:

ganesh pendant

Lord Ganesh Kavatch

Lord Ganesha Kavach blesses the devotee a long and healthy life. Ganesha Kavach is considered as the source of God power and strength. It give positive energy, also protects from all evils and peril and helps to fulfill your dreams and desires.It helps to reduce delay and obstacle in specific objectives which can be like delay in marriage, difficulty in getting a job, problems in job, obstacles in foreign travel, health issues etc.

lord ganesh rudraksh

Lord Ganesh Rudraksha

Rudraksha beads which have trunk like elevation on its surface are the Ganesh Rudraksha. The blessing of Lord Ganesha are the 'remover of obstacles' or one can say ' God of Success and prosperity'. The wearer of Ganesha Rudraksha get perfection in every sphere of life and grace of Lord Ganesha is bestowed on the native. If you want your business/profession to flow in a smooth pace and so on then the faith in this Ganesh Rudraksh can work miracles for you.

lord ganesha yantra

Ganesh Yantra

The Ganesh Yantra is used to worship Ganesha to gain wealth, money, power the removal of obstacles and protection from dangers. A person worshipping "Ganesha Yantra with faith and devotion: never faces lack of wealth and income and always grows with respect and fame in his/her life. This Yantra bless you with contentment and Good luck.

vighn harta ganesh kavach

Sarv Vighn Harta Kavach is energized specially for you

The box contains Ganesh Rudraksha, Ganesh Kavach and Ganesh Yantra which are energized (Pran Pratishta) by our well versed Purohits, by reciting the Vedic mantras of Lord Ganesha along with Homam. The box also is accompanied with specially energized incense sticks which are to be used while praying to Lord Ganesha. These energized incense sticks synergize the effects of the Sarv Vighn Harta kavach

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Offer Price: US $ 340 / INR 21100

Inaugural Price: US $ 243 / INR 15100

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