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Scorpio Sun Sign

Scorpio - The Sign of the Scorpion Ruling planet of this Scorpio sign is Scorpion. The people of this sign are intense and have a powerful character. Do not be fooled by their placid exterior as even they may appear calm to you there could intensity of emotional energy inside. In the early ages they are usually pore-minded, virtuous, and religious, but with the advancement in age their nature starts to swing in the opposite direction. In social gatherings they are generally pleasant, thoughtful in conversation with a dignified poise. The zodiac sign Scorpio born are at times seen to be reserved but courteous too. They have a kind of forcefulness, magnetic intensity, and often strangely hypnotic personality under the tranquil, but watchful composure of Scorpio.

Scorpio Physical traits: Scorpio born people have an average stature with a well-proportioned body. They generally have Long hands broad face and have tendency to become stout. They are quick, keen, shrewd (at times) with a penetrating mind. The zodiac sign Scorpio born are not easily influenced and are courageous.

Scorpio ruled Body parts: The Scorpio zodiac sign rules the following body parts Secret parts, pelvic region, bladder, rectum and the anus.

Scorpio Color: The color which is best suited for Scorpio zodiac sign is all shades of blue and crimson.

Scorpio Element : Fixed, Watery sign
The Scorpio zodiac sign is a fixed sign and like other fixed sign it is seen to have immense will power and self confidence. There is seen to be a flair of magnetism in them. Scorpio born people have a robust outlook, are diplomatic, courageous, over-possessive at times. This could also lead to jealous being developed internally in them. They are a leading lot and are dominating, cunning and proud.

Scorpio Positive Strength: The people born under the zodiac sign Scorpio have great charismatic power. They are good speakers. They are the searchers of the zodiac and have an insatiable desire for knowledge on every level. The zodiac sign Scorpio born remain cool and determined even in dangerous situations and sudden crises. They have practical approach but is also interested in occult. They have mysterious flair, intuitive and resourceful. They have both constructive and destructive abilities.

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