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Thank you very much for giving this opportunity to analyze your horoscope for the insights into all the happenings related to your career with the period of ups and downs in relation to your career. The horoscope and the other related divisional charts have been prepared on the basis of the birth details provided by you. We are providing you the complete career predictions based on the Vedic system of astrology. What we have given here are guidelines on which you can choose to act upon, and will have to put your efforts in order to get benefit from our guidelines.  We have tried our level best to be as precise as possible. Your Ascendant sign is Gemini, Moon Sign is Aries, and sun sign is Aquarius according to the Vedic Astrology.  

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Your ascendant is Libra and Moon sign is Gemini.
You are born in the Punarvasu Nakshatra.

Sun (The planet for high positions and authority) 

Master of the 7th house, Sun in the 11th house in Sagittarius indicates that you are normal wealthy and kind-hearted. You possess many good qualities. You love traveling to many places and earn normal fame and wealth. You are strong determined and have to see many ups and downs in your life. There will be normal prosperity and a happy domestic life. There will be birth of good children. Sometimes, you gamble and have some criminal tendencies. You satisfy your desires. You are idealistic, moral and will intervene on behalf of others. You are quick, witty, proud and self independent. There will be an increase of self earned wealth, power, position, fame and political success.        


Moon (It reflects your emotions and thinking) 

Master of the 6th house, Moon in the 9th house in Libra indicates that you will enjoy normal health. You will have many friends. You get anxieties in the house of destiny. You will exert an influence on everyone because of your destiny and mental power. You may face some deficiency and hardships in your financial growth. You will find the way to progress through your courage, goodness and through the power of concentration. You will become more popular in far places other than your home town. You will have good children. You will be having a well built body; will respect Brahmins and other religious people. You are fond of traveling. You make friends easily. You may suffer from stomach aches. You are fond of music and poetry. Others will influence you. You are very helpful.  

Mercury (The Planet for communication skills  and market analysis) 

Master of the 5th and 8th house Mercury in the 10th house in Scorpio indicates that you will face some opposition and uneasiness in your professional environment. Sometimes, you will be lazy and take the things in an easy way. This is the reason for you to face few difficulties in your financial growth. You will do good deeds, will enjoy material happiness and will sometimes face worries and obstacles in acquiring fame in society and also in your occupation. You are happy and prosperous, perform virtuous deeds, will talk less and believe in doing much.            

Venus (The planet responsible to bring fineness into a work) 

Master of 4th and 9th house, Venus in 12th house indicates you are proud. You will travel to foreign countries. You are wise, learned but then also get some unhappiness. You spend a lot for acquiring physical pleasures. You will spend a luxurious life. Sometimes, you may have some opposition with your spouse. You are interested in art. You will also get success in few ventures during your young age. You may own houses but you may also get unhappiness from lands and luxuries. There will be opposition with friends. You are luxurious and are attracted to the opposite sex. You will defeat your enemies by your tactful deeds. You may destroy your honor due to your luxurious habits.   

Mars (The driving energy) 

Master of the 3rd and 10th house Mars in the 5th house in Gemini indicates that you will be passionate and helpful to other people. You will be happy with friends. You are mentally hasty. You will get the power of family. You will be modest and your talk will be legal. You are an intellectual and are strong. Sometimes, you lose on account of gambling or speculations. Your spouse falls sick often and such a Mars may cause ill-health to children, unhappiness and set backs.  

Jupiter (The planet for intelligence and success) 

Master of the 2nd and 11th house, Jupiter in the 11th house (its own house) and in Sagittarius, indicates that you will be a good orator. You are learned, will have a long life and will be content. You will be famous, have a strong personality and have influential associates. In spite of having difficulties during the implementation, you will succeed in all ventures you undertake. You will most probably be an advisor and other people will get benefited through you. You wish to live in luxury and will possess many valuables.              

Saturn (It denotes your duties, responsibilities towards society and your family and your inherent limitations) 

Master of ascendant and 12th house, Saturn in 11th house indicates you will be the head of any project and you will try hard to perform well but your superiors may not get satisfied completely with your work. Though you understand and esteem the value of others labor but sometimes, other people will take you for granted. You feel some deficiency in happiness from children or there may be a separation from them. You may get some trouble during the years 2005 to 2010 and will acquire high degree of happiness in the later part of life. Your speech is very impressive. You are helpful to your friends though you may have some differences with them. You are a deep thinker. You possess wisdom.  

Influence of planet Rahu 

Rahu in 7th house indicates you will travel to many countries. There will be illness to spouse or separation from spouse you may get some losses in partnership business. You may have association with bad people and may be defamed. You may suffer from urinary troubles. You have a good character. You spend much for pleasures. Sometimes you feel some deficiency and weakness in public and social honors and respects. You feel restlessness and uneasiness in matrimonial life. You may have troubles in joints. You may suffer loss of your health and vitality.  

Influence of planet Ketu 

Ketu in 1st house indicates you may suffer from ill-health. Though you are strong determined but also have a wavering mind. You are seen worried and anxious. Ketu shows that you will suffer from physical troubles and will have a lot of disappointment. You will suffer from joint pains. You will be anxious for your spouse. You may suffer from stomach complaints. 

Your Profession/Career

At the time of your birth the Scorpio rasi is rising in the tenth house of your horoscope. The ruling planet of this rasi is Mars. Mars being the lord of tenth house is situated in the Fifth house of your horoscope due to which it is producing its medium results. With Mars being the lord of tenth house in your horoscope, you will have to work hard in life in order to increase your income and earnings. Due to the position of tenth lord in the fifth house (eighth from tenth house), you will also face few difficulties in your life but able to face them on the capability of your courage and hard work.

The professions best suited for you are of army, police department, engineer, doctor, electricity department, electrical engineering, software department, hotel management or other work fields related with courage or intelligence. If you venture into these fields, you can earn a good income, as you desire. Hence, in order to have a bright future and gain progress in life, you must choose a career from the above given professions.  

In the field of business; gold, iron, other work related to metals, manufacturing or trading of electrical equipment, chemist (medicines), hotel etc and other works related to red colored products can prove to beneficial to you. Hence you should your occupation from the above given works. You will receive normal fame and respect in life.  

Dasha Wise Predictions
Main Period of Mercury Till 10th of January 2013

As, Mercury is the lord of fifth and eighth house and placed in tenth house is indicating your desire to work better and wish to earn more benefits through your intelligence. Even you are seen more self confident but also facing some difficulties in upliftment. Presently, you are running with dasha period of Mercury-Rahu that is going to run till 26th of January 2008. The placement of Rahu in seventh house in the sign of Leo is not considered good for financial growth. Even if you are handling any project or independent business, you may have to face many ups and downs during this period. Till 24th of August 2006, there will be a feeling of insecurity and other mental worries related to income or other matters in your professional area. As, you are a person who generally believes on others and it is must for you not to keep blind faith of others as few people (pretending to be your own friends) may try to make use of your resources. Any sort of loans must be avoided. You will get some good results during the periods from 03rd of January 2007 till 26th of February 2007 and from 16th of September 2007 till 26th of January 2008. After this period, you will undergo dasha bhukti period of Mercury-Jupiter that will run from 26th of January 2008 to 03rd of May 2010 may prove little non-satisfactory related to profits and benefits through service/business. You may be expecting desires gains for you from your work/business but in the end, you will find very little for you. Mental tensions will be more and there are indications of loosing or spending money on unnecessary things. If you are planning to travel to other places, it will be good to avoid the periods from 26th of January 2008 to 23rd of September 2008 and from 30th of December 2009 to 03rd of May 2010. You just need to keep patience and must work hard with determination. Though, it is better for you to keep on working in a slow and steady mode and sometimes, you may come under the situation in which you may feel exhausted or insulted but you should not take it to heart and under all circumstances your work/business must remain continued.  You will also find little good results in your working place for you during the periods from 19th of January 2009 to 08th of March 2009. During the next bhukti periods of Saturn, you are going to pass through from 03rd of May 2010 to 10th of January 2013. This period is indicating little gains through luck and the profits will come to you in unexpected manner during the periods from 22nd of February 2011 to 20th of April 2011. During other periods, the gains will remain fixed and keep on increasing if you do more hard efforts in this direction. You will also spent more money to buy luxurious items and for expansion of your property. You just need to remain alert against conspiracies against you and filled yourself with determination to fight against increased competitions. In total, this whole period is going to give you almost satisfactory income. It will be good for you to remain careful related to putting your amount in speculation or gambling as there are fewer chances for you to win a big amount. Your contacts with foreigners will get increased. You just need to remain aware and must avoid doing more expenses during the periods from 06th of April 2012 to 10th of January 2013. The following periods may prove bad during the entire Mercury period: 26th of January 2008 to 23rd of September 2008 and from 06th of April 2012 to 10th of January 2013. 

Main Period of Ketu
From 10th of January 2013 Till 10th of January 2020

The next period that you are going to pass through is that of Ketu from 10th of January 2013 Till 10th of January 2020. Since Ketu is placed in first house, this period will gong to fill you a enthusiasm and energy to live life happily. You will find more good opportunities and easily play a good role of being an active member of your family as well as department. Whatever you do in this period will bring happiness and good results for you as well as your company. This is the time for you to increase as well as spend your earnings in a good manner. Some travels are also seen related to profession or for enjoyment with family and friends. You may receive maximum gains during the period from 20th of February 2013 to 13th of March 2013, 15th of August 2014 to 09th of February 2014, 29th of November 2015 to 11th of December 2015 and from 13th of June 2019 to 03rd of August 2019. You will get rise in income and few good opportunities to make wealth in these periods. Even your name and recognition will rise in these periods. During other periods, you will get average results but need to remain more attentive and keep control on your pocket during the periods from 08th of November 2013 to 09th of March 2014, 11th of December 2015 to 29th of March 2016, 14th of October 2017 to 04th of December 2017 and from 03rd of August 2019 to 13th of November 2019. It is best for you to take every action only after taking guidance from any experienced person. Keeping a good care of your health is very necessary as if you go through any heart troubles or major health problems, your work will automatically gets affected.  

Main period of Venus
From 10th of January 2020

From your horoscope, it can be said that your prospects will become stagnant and will grow only in slow pace. Along with few profits, you will have some mental tensions and few problems related to health. You need to remain extra careful during the period from21st of March 2021 to 01st of March 2022 and from 21st of July 2023 to 01st of November 2023. The working atmosphere may not be so relaxing and pleasant due to which you feel general tensions. If you are careless about taking proper diet and rest, you are likely to fall sick and confined to bed.  Therefore avoid such a situation to take place.  Also, you may spare some time in a day for meditation.  This will help you in building your inner self and give you strength and courage to withstand the difficult situations. The other bhukti periods will remain average and will give profits if you do work with devotion and attention. Some good results for you will come during the period from 30th of September 2020 to 21st of March 2021, 11th of May 2024 to 05th of August 2024 and from 11th of January 2026 to 03rd of February 2026. You need to keep your mind cool and should involve yourself in Yog and meditation. I am suggesting for remedies for you, which will help you. 

There are some remedial solutions for getting success in job/profession and business. If possible kindly perform these remedial solutions for getting success in coming periods. 


Puja Remedies 

Lakshmi-Kuber Homam. This is performed for the purpose of gaining legitimate wealth and removing obstacles in Career. . As such it is absolutely necessary to perform this Puja. You can arrange for performing this Puja by a learned and well versed Purohit .This would give the desired results.  

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