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Pisces Moon Sign

Moon in Pisces makes person very down to earth type and generates in him/her a sense of sacrifice and giving. They have a strong creativity and a desire to make the world a better place to live in. They keep secretes with ease and are very trustworthy. Having a sensitive nature they sometimes become very sad and emotional when people around them are in trouble. They are worshippers of beauty and appreciate beauty in all forms. a few of Pisceans are found to have great psychic abilities which they use to comfort other people. They are one of the most loyal lot and are willing to give up anything for their friendship. Generally considered soft-hearted and sweet, Lunar Pisceans care about others and are easily touched by human suffering. They accept life as it comes they do not plan for the future but put their best effort to improve their present.

Lunar Pisces generally succeed best in fields and pursuits requiring intuitive judgment, discretion, assiduity, and detailed work. They do well as entertainers, dealers with liquids of all sorts, promoters, seafarers, and detectives.

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