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Libra Ascendant

You are born in Libra ascendant. Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Venus. You will have an impressive personality. You will be helpful to others. You are fond of traveling to religious places. You have a very prominent nose. You have very attractive and impressive eyes. You have a broad face. You are attractive, good-looking and have an impressive personality. You are very ambitious. You are a competent businessperson. You are fond of astrology. Your voice is very sweet and impressive.

You are not greedy. You will travel to many places. You may live far from your family. You would have had some unhappiness in your childhood but will be happy later in life. You will have a normal life. You will rise in life after 31-32 years of age. You make many friends. You have a dignified personality. You are susceptible to cough. You are wise and are always smiling. You are very able and dutiful. You can read others thoughts. You are kind-hearted.

You are famous for your judgments. You are a competent administrator. You are peace loving. You are fond of art and music. You will succeed in big ventures. You are fond of physical pleasures, luxury and perfumes. Though you come from an ordinary family, you will rise high. You will acquire a lot of success in government and social affairs. You will head projects. You are skilled in many arts. You will travel to many countries. You are truth loving. You take interest in social work.

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