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Sita Ram Maha Yagya

Sita Ram Maha Yagya

Personalized Yagya for couple looking for happy married life and true partnership.

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In Ramayana Ram means our super consciousness soul, truth and virtue. Goddess Sita is the eternal consort of Ram which means the primal energy or the Kundalini Shakti. Lord Rama is considered a maryada purshottama or the perfect man and Goddess Sita exemplify a perfect woman. It is the most effective puja for strengthening the marriage bond and unity among married couples.

The spiritual significance of Ram and Sita

Symbolism: Ram is symbolic of inner fire and resides in Manipur chakra or solar plexus which burns away all the physical, mental, and spiritual impurities. Goddess Sita is considered a Kundalini Shakti who resides in Mooladhar or root chakra symbolizing an earth element in the yagya.

Kundalini Shakti- Ram mantra chanted during Shri SitaRam MahaYagya ignites the internal fire that burns our all bad karma and impurities. It also activates the flow of prana in Sushumna Nadi which causes the upward movement of the Kundalini Shakti.

Effects of chanting mantra during Shri SitaRam MahaYagya

  • The subtle friction is produced with the constant chanting of Sita Ram mantra.
  • The Ida and Pingla nadis or sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system gets activated and the Vagus Nerve or the Sushumna Nadi begins to vibrate.
  • This yagya balances both sides of the brain.
  • Recharge the whole body. All toxins, blockages, and impurities are removed and self-awareness becomes active.

Points to keep in mind during Shri SitaRam MahaYagya

We have collected to you some yagya rules which are the best to keep for the best possible effect of the yagya performances. During yagyas you can feel extra tiredness.

  • Have a lot of rest during your yagya performance.
  • Try to calm down your body and mind, meditate.
  • Avoid busy days, heavy works, and stressful situations.
  • Keep light diet, avoid heavy foods. If you are familiar with, it is better to take vegetarian food.
  • Do not drink alcohol, do not have any drugs.

Benefits of performing Shri SitaRam MahaYagya

This powerful and simple chanting immediately improves the health of the devotee. There are many benefits doing this yagya can make one feel right away:

  • A clear complexion, sweet body odour, glow on the face, lightness, pleasantness of voice, gradual improvement of physical, slight excretion and mental health is indicative.
  • One awakens the mysterious psychic awareness among the average individuals as well as the spiritual aspirant.
  • Many profound forms of psychic power with high magnitude comes to an aspirant as he progresses in this path.
  • It balances both sides of the brain due to which restless and unstoppable mind becomes still, harmonious and balanced.
  • It increases the mastery over senses and mind.
  • It induces the sound sleep pattern in the devotee by curing the problem of insomnia.
  • It integrates the personality of the seeker. The behaviour of the person starts transforming .
  • The person becomes sincere, honest and straightforward in word, thoughts, and actions.
  • It induces a concentrated devotion or Bhakti in the heart of the aspirant which is necessary for tasting the inner peace.

Preferable time for Shri SitaRam MahaYagya

This MahaYagya can be practiced when one is seeking a true partner, happy married life or family. It is advisable to practice it at a particular time of any day in the morning or on some auspicious days like Shivratri.

AskGanesha can perform this yagya with complete rituals for you.

INR 71500 / US $ 1153

Top Customer Reviews

I have been married since 10 years now and have a daughter and a son. But, since past year, we were facing some problem in our relationship. I took help from Askganesha's astrologer as I wanted to save my relation at any cost. They were very understanding and helped me by getting Shri SitaRam MahaYagya from my side. We are now again sharing the old bond and living a happy married life.

By Aruna Patel, housewife, Ahemdabad

Lord ShriRam Mahayagya is very effective for restoring peace in the family. I ordered this Yagya for my family's health and prosperity as our family pundit advised us. It was very effective as the blessing are bestowing in us in forms of various good news. I am very happy and emotionally satisfied.

By Shyamli Sharma, housewife, Delhi

My sister and her husband were on a relationship dispute and almost on the verge of divorce. She was very depressed and really wanted to save the bond, so I advised her to talk to the some astrologer, she the contacted AskGanesha and was advised for Lord ShriRam Mahayagya. She ordered that right away and also did certain Vedic remedies given to her for months. The troubles have settled down and she is now happy with her husband. Thanks to AskGanesha .

By Anushka Bali, Engineer, Banglore

My wife was suffering from chronic kidney problem from a year. Her health was getting worse day by day, she was not able to take care of the children. Medicines were working just fine but there was more that needed to be done. So I consulted my wife's horoscope from Askganesha. They suggested this yagya and we were more than happy as after performing this homam, I could really feel the postivity entering our home. Not to forget my wife is healthy again and responding to medicines. Jia Siya Ram.

By Kamlesh Singh, serviceman, Nanital

Sita Ram Maha Yagya

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INR 71500 / US $ 1153

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