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santanam gopalam puja

Santanam Gopalam Puja and Homam

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Puja will be done with right vidhi vidhan through experienced purohits.

Santana Gopala puja is performed to get the blessings for child birth and safe progeny. This puja is dedicated to lord Krishna in his childhood. Human beings and also other worldly beings are meant to breed and maintain the cycle of life. A life without a child is full of stress and anxiety and it is must for a couple of have a child. Our social and personal responsibilities make it utmost necessary.

Couples who are longing for a child of their own for a long time or are facing problems in conception or maintenance of progeny should perform this puja. With the help of this puja one is blessed with a safe progeny. This puja has benefited devotees since the vedic ages.

Santana Gopala Homam also helps in the better development of child during progeny so that the child to be born would have a good health and sharp mind.

In this Puja, Lord Vishnu as Gopala Krishna is worshiped with tulsi leaves and is performed by employing Santhana Gopala Mantra. The Santan Gopal Puja is performed in accordance to the best muhurat.

Get the Santanam Gopalam Homam done through our well versed purohits.

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Top Customer Reviews

We performed the puja Santanam Gopalam Homam, we knows gives the service of the puja. My wife having probs in pregnancy so we do the puja. Askganesha do the puja, we are in Dubai so can't be part of puja. This puja a very effective and my wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

By Layan Mathur, Hotel Manager, Dubai

We performed sanatan Gopal puja on my son's bday. It is said that it is very good and should be performed for the wellbeing of the child. We do the puja every year with a pundits and all our relatives. With God's Grace, my child is healthy and touchwood he is away from all the illness with lord's blessings.

By Aarav Khiloni, Quality assurance manager, Andhra Pradesh

We were not able to get bear a child. Everytime my wife got pregnant, some or the other incident happened and miscarriage happened. We consulted's astrologer and he told us that Sanatan Gopal Puja is the best suited as per our horoscope. We ordered the puja the very same through this website only and performed the puja. I am more than happy to share the news of my newly born son.

By Manik Desai, Insurance agent, Goa

Congratulations Manik, so happy to hear that. We were trying to have a child from a long time too and our search for the best astrologer ended with They advised Sanatan Gopal Puja for us. We performed it and I am pregnant now and hoping to give birth to a healthy baby.

By Shanaya Kapoor, CA, Sydney

We did this puja too when we were trying to have our second child. My wife saw many problems at the birth of our first child and we did not want to risk it in our second child. So as per the advices of a family Pundit, we did the pooja and it went pretty well. Last month, me and my wife were blessed with a beautiful child.

By Kapil Aggarwal, software designer, Rajasthan

Santanam Gopalam Puja

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