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sakat chaut puja

Sakat Chaut Puja

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Puja will be done with right vidhi vidhan through experienced purohits.

The Sakat chaut puja is done on the auspicious day of the Sakat Chuat. This puja is performed for the betterment of one's children. It is believed that the Sakat chaut puja blesses one's children with health, wealth, name, fame and prosperity.

The Sakat chaut puja is done in a very special way. The special string of mantras are recited and special prayer to Lord Ganesha is done by the purohit ji. The nav grahs are also prayed during this puja. The puja is concluded with the hawan and the special ahuti.

You can also book special puja for Lord Ganesha with our AskGanesha Purohits.

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Top Customer Reviews

In my family, we celebrate sakat Chauth by taking out bayana for our mother in law, it is for our children. I wanted to keep a puja specially for my children so I talked to one of my friend and she told me about this website. I order sakat chauth puja on and they did it in a very nice way.

By Manju Joshi, housewife, delhi

Sakat chauth is in January winters, it is for children, we keep fast on sakat chauth. This time I paid for the puja to be done by website. They perform a special puja on this day by a good pundit with all the due rituals and rules. It is good and bring positive energy in the house.

By Saroj Aggarwal, teacher, Ajmer

When I performed this puja on sakat chauth, I felt that good vibes are there in my home with the family members. My children began to do well in their life and also started to take my opinions on the decisions of their life. It is a good puja and is very auspicious and should be performed.

By Parul Dhamija, HR Head, Norwich

This year I decided to the puja through's service of Puja as my frnd told me to try its service as it is very good and very effective. We perform sakat chauth in home but this time we decided to do it thru the website. The puja went pretty well and Askganesha even shared the photos. Looking forward to use more of its services.

By Meena Mittal, housewife, Jaipur is a very good website and probably the most genuine website out of all the websites available on internet today. The write real stuff about astrology and their services are all very useful and effective. Must recommended website.

By Prerna, Medical Intern, Bhopal

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