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Ganapati Puja conducted by
Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

On this day of Ganesh Chathurthi the Ganpathi Puja was done well with right vidhi vidhan. The mantras were recited and havan was also done according to the Vedic Shastras.

The names of the devoted clients who had donated for the Puja were also taken during the Puja. The video clips have been sent to the respective clients on their email ids.

Our astrologer
Abhishek Dhawan
present during Puja and doing worship of Lord Ganesha

Our Purohit doing Archana and Shri Abhishek Dhawan taking Sankalp

Astrologer Abhishek Dhawan, Purohit and his associate doing Homam for Lord Ganapati

Giving Ahutis for Lord Ganapati

All prayers will be done for Ask Ganesha clients and people who had done donations for the Puja

Offering sweets to Agni Deva and Lord Ganapati

We have prayed to lord Ganesha to bless us with wisdom and joys for all.

We thank all the clients who had donated with all their hearts.

Everyone can have a look at the pictures taken during the Puja


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