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vashikaran mantra

Vashikaran Mantra to attract lovers

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The Vashikaran Mantra is highly used to control lovers, crack business deals, control bosses etc. The above mentioned mantra is one of the influential mantra, according to Mantra vidya. What makes Vashikaran mantra to control lover influential is that its effect is very strong and cannot be easily broken by any one. It has a long lasting affect on the person on whom this mantra is cast.

Vashikaran Mantra to control lover's recitation of should be mainly carried out on Tuesday Sunday. The unique feature of Vashikaran Mantra to control Lover is that it can be mixed in and can be infused in drinks and food. The procedure of Vashikaran Mantra to control lovers is that the food is taken for example if something sweet is taken, then chant or recite the mantra for at least 1108 times, after the recitation is done blow air in the food. This will energise the food, now let your lover eat this product, this will make your lover to be more attracted to you and that person will be beside you for the rest of your life. Just in case if you are unable to make the person you are in love eat the sweet, one can take the name or even keep a photo of the loved one while eating the sweet all by themselves.

Vashikaran Mantra


ॐ नमः काट विकत घोर रूपिणी (नाम) वशमानय स्वः

Top Customer Reviews

My boss always remains angry with me and my work as my co-workers always grumble about me, but since I have done the procedure along with the mantra as stated by the astrologer at Askganesha my boss is really impressed by me and gave me promotion along with salary hike.

By Avinash Avasthi, Manager, Kanpur

My lover started getting indulging in other girls and I came to know that he has an affair with another girl. I was really dispirited by knowing that as I love him with all my heart and soul then a colleague of mine suggested me this services by Askganesha and I take this service by following this procedure and now we both are living happily.

By Anjum Paul, Sales Executive, Canada

By taking this services by Askganesha I crack a deal which seems impossible to me. It is very important for my business to get that project done as if I don't get that deal my business will get into losses. Sincere thanks to Askganesha for their good services.

By Abhay Bajaj, Businessman, Mumbai

I am an employee at a business firm and I do not get recognition and promotion for my work as my superior take all the credit of my work but since then I take this service I get appreciated and promoted at my workplace.

By Anupriya Indora, consultant, Gaziabad

My in-laws were not happy with me due to our inter-cast marriage and due to their behaviour problems arise between me and my husband and then my mother told me about Askganesha and they advised me of this mantra service and after taking this service and following the proper procedure all my family issues got resolved and we are living happily.

By Poonam kumar, Housewife, Nangloi

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