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rahu mantra

Lord Rahu Mantra

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Rahu mantra is very effective when you have issues of Rahu in the horoscope. chanting this rahu mantra with full devotion and spirituality give you mental peace, inner peace, and you will be able to understand better the facts and people around you. It provides you mental and physical purity. The following mantra is receited here by askganesha Purohits.

Rahu Mantra

|| Om Bhram Bhrim Bhroom Sahh Rahvey namah ||

Order for Rahu Mantra Recitation

Other Mantras for Planet Rahu

Arddhakaayam mahaaviiryam candraadityavimardanam
Simhikaagarbha sambhuutam tam Raahu pranamaamyaham
Om Raahave namah


I bow down to Rahu, the great warrior who divides even the Sun and Moon in half, born from the womb of Simhikaa.
Om, I bow to the Rahu.

    21000 mantras recitation
    51000 mantras recitation
    1.25 lac mantras recitation

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