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kamakshi devi mantra

Maa Kamakshi Mantra

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Maa Kamakshi is one of the forms of Shakti or one can say Goddess Parvati. Kamakshi Devi embodies love and desires. According to the Vedas, Lord Shiva took upon himself to destroy Lord Kama to ashes. The lesser known fact is that the destruction of Lord Kama ended in the rise of Kamakshi Devi who is another form of Goddess Parvati, the better half of Lord Shiva. Thus Goddess Kamakshi promises the reign of love and desires over every other emotion.

Maa Kamakshi mantra is believed to entice the love of one's life with the aid of the Vashikaran. Vashikaran literally means taking control of someone's mind and heart in a way that they get enticed by the essayer. As per the Vedic Puranas, the mantras are considered to be effective when they achieve the level of 'sidhh' or blissful completion. While attempting to make the mantras sidhh, one needs to chant the given Mantra for the suggested counts. Through the incessant chant of Maa Kamakshi mantra, the other person is invited in to the love life of the devotee/essayer.

Maa Kamakshi Mantra is extremely powerful and effective to make one's beloved spellbound and completely seduced towards the former. It assures desired outcomes, if done with utmost concentration and a pure heart. It should be taken good care of the fact that while chanting the mantra, the pronunciation of the mantra should be correct.

Mantra of Maa Kamakshi


ॐ नमः कामाक्षी देव्यै अमुख (NAME OF THE PERSON) में वषम में कुरु कुरु स्वाहा

Top Customer Reviews

This mantra is very effective as I used this mantra personally and also took mantra service form Askganesha. I was really depressed as the girl I love the most doesn't give attention to me and after this mantra she became a very close friend.

By Puneesh Shinde, Lonawala, motivational speaker

I used to love a girl in my office but it seems impossible for me to generate the same feeling in that girl then one day I was surfing on facebook I got to know about Askganesha and their services and then after consulting with the astrologers of Askganesha I took the mantra service it works as a magic in my life, that girl start showing interest in me and now we both are happily in love with each other. All thanks to Askganesha astrologers and their good services.

By Amit Kaushal, Senior Manager, Patna

I want to thank Askganesha for their services. I am a 30year old man and till now I don't get the love of my life that I was waiting for long. I want a person in my life who will give me equal love and respect which I give to her. After taking the mantra service from Askganesha my problem got resolved. Love comes in my life and the girl was far better than my expectations.

By Manish Sharma, Security officer, New Delhi

I approached when I was really depressed and fed up with my life. As nothing is going good in my life. The girl I love seems to be unapproachable in my life. But when I took this mantra service from Askganesha she approached me with her own love. Now we are happily married.

By Aarav Avasthi, stastical officer, Allahabad

This mantra is very beneficial for those who are searching for a medium to get love of their life. I really benefited from this mantra and also suggest others to take this mantra service.

By Harsh chauhan, civil engineer, Ahemdabad

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