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According to Indian or Vedic Astrology, when the planet Mars is placed in certain houses of the horoscope of an individual, it casts malefic influence on various aspects of life of that particular individual. An individual having such an afflicted Mars status is known as a Manglik. This condition is also called the Kuja Dosha or the Bhauma Dosha. Mars or Mangal is also knows as Bhauma . Even Western Astrology also recognizes the ill effects of Planet Mars afflictions in married life of an individual.

A Manglik can be a man or a woman. Although this is a condition that causes great amount of emotional distress for both man and woman. In case of women it is more stressful as it creates hurdles in their marriage and getting a suitable match for them.

There are only 12 houses in a Horoscope and placement of Mars in 5 of these houses makes one a Manglik. This in turn means that almost 42% of the population is likely to be Mangliks..

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I have tried many services of Recently I tried its Manglik report for free of cost first which gave me helpful details and later I paid for the more detailed version which was extremely helpful.

By Taru Mittal, housewife, Jaipur

What happened was that my mother went to a pundit who told her that I am a manglik and she got really worried. I was very apprehensive about that baba as he asked for a lot of money in order to solve my manglik dosha. I then tried the manglik report service of which told me that I am not a manglik and even reassured me by its paid service.

By Nishi Nischol, student, florida is one of the best astrological websites that I have come across. I used its manglik report which was to the point and gave me exact report and it was of great help. I got really happy after knowing that I am not a manglik by this report.

By Karan singh, CA, New Delhi

My friend recommended me this website as she has already used its many services. To begin with I used its manglik report and just as a check, it was correct. Then I used its paid manglik report for which they charge very less amount but give correct details.

By Siona Malik, Doctor, Madhya Pradesh

Manglik report is a great report provided by They provide it for free of cost and do not ask for a penny like those pundits now a days. I am glad I came across this website.

By Rohit Sharma, businessman, Tamil Nadu

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