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Ask Ganesha is a special service implemented for people who have complete faith in Lord Ganesha. One can use this service for real purpose when anyone find himself or herself in big trouble. You will get true and pure answers here on our website.

Top Reviews

I wanted to try askganesha ask a question service as the free version of it seemed to be like a miracle happening. So I tried the ask ganesha a question. Their answer was so damn true that I can relate it to my real life and they can tell what is going on in my life.

By Shweta kwatra, housewife, Scotland

I finally got time to write a review on how I feel about To begin with, I feel that askganesha has the solution to all our problems as if this website is created to help people going out of their league. Their services are inexpensive and effective. In times of trouble I always use Ask a question service of theirs which gives me immense satisfaction and instant stress busters.

By Sunita Rao, businesswoman, Karnataka

I recently used it service of askganesha where in you can click on his photo and ask a question in ur mind and ganesha will give you the answer. For me, the answer that they gave was so true and was adjusting in my life as well.

By Nitish Gandhi, Contract Builder, Uttar Pradesh

Once while sitting with my frnd, I was discussing my problems and he said that I shud try this wensite which his mom n dad follows everytym they are in trouble. I used askganesha service and to my surprise, their reply was really good. I then used the ask a question from the astrologer and he addressed my problems personally and healed them as well.

By Saurabh Kaschyap, Student, Delhi

Well I just wanted to know about my life love and out of curiosity I used this service. The answer was prompt and gave me a direction which I shd chose for my future.

By Megha Diwan, assistant, New Delhi


Disclaimer: The testimonials provided on our website are personal views and experiences of our clients. We do not make any type of false claims of guaranteed results as we are not GODS or HIS decendants. We promise the best of the services with truth, faith and devotion. There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary as every individual has its own horoscope and different pattern of their planets. Hence, results or final effects of remedies could vary from person to person.

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