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Check if your horoscope is afflicted from Sade Saati or Dhaiya of Saturn

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The transit of Planet Saturn over the Natal Moon for 7-1/2 years is termed as Sade Saati period. Many astrologers use this tool to generate a fear in the mind of people by saying that it brings bad effects and person need to do number of remedies to end the effects of Sade Saati. Let us know here what actually Sade Saati is and how one can detect if Saturn is really going to bring bad effects in one's life.

Saturn is true friend of human being and during Sade Saati period, Saturn tries to give all the good and effective results to person which are indicated in the horoscope. If Lord Saturn placement in one's horoscope is in weak nakshtra, then of course the transit of Saturn over planet Moon is going to bring some bad experiences. But what bad? It is very essential to analyse before giving a general statement about Sade Sati. Here in this section, first we will calculate your horoscope through the birth details that you provide on next page. And then we will tell you if you are presently running with Sade Saati or not.

If you are running with Sade Saati, then we will suggest you the best remedies that you could do to appease Lord Saturn in your life..

Check if you are having Sade Sati? What to do?

Top Reviews

I was going through this amazing website as usual and I read this line: 'are you running under sade sati or shani?'. I was already sceptical that I have same in my horoscope. So I checked it for free and turns out that I am running under sade sati so I decided to consult the astrologer who advised me so positively and also gave remedies to lower down its bad effects.

By Akshay Tondon, sales executive, Texas

I approached this website when sade sati was on in my horoscope, I had already heard from my friend that the remedies that askganesha suggested has changed her life forever so I decided to do the same. I consulted the website for remedies and it has helped me a lot.

By Dev Raj Shastri, Store manager, China

I am also one of those lucky people who happen to get askganesha to their rescue. Sade sati or shani was creating a lot of problem in my life until I consulted for remedies. The remedies have proved to be extremely useful.

By Anjali Shah, dietician, Goa

I would rate this website 12 on the scale of 10. Great services and great astrologers. Thanks to this website and its wonderful remedies that I am living a very normal life even being the victim of sade sati in my horoscope.

By Debojit, Singer, Singapore

Sade sati is seven years of bad luck and if you have it in urs, you are damned for life. I thought the same thing but with the help of, my life is pretty much normal. I keep doing the remedies suggested by them.

By Stanzin motup, Gym Trainee, Assam

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