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What is Sade Sati of Saturn:

The transit of Saturn in the zodiac sign 12th 1st and 2nd from the house in which planet Moon is located at the time of your birth is known as Saade Sati of Saturn. The Saade Sati of Saturn has three phases: The transit of Saturn into twelfth house from moon sign is called the first phase. The transit into the moon sign is the second phase. The transit into the second sign from the moon sign is the third phase. As Saturn remains for two and half year in each phase that is why it is called Saade Sati (7 ½). The seven and half years are never always unlucky only. The favorableness and un-favorableness of Saturn depends upon its relations (friendly/enemy/neutral) with the ruler of that particular house and according to the ownership of Saturn in the house of birth sign.

What is Dhaiya of Saturn:

The transit of Saturn in either the fourth or eighth house of your Zodiac Moon sign (in which planet Moon is located at the time of your birth ) is known as Saade Sati of Saturn.

The Dhaiya of Saturn in relation to the 4th house affects the native on the following things education, health, mother, land and property, happiness etc.

The Dhaiya of Saturn in relation to the 8th house affects the native on the following things: health, longivity, legacy, in-laws.

The effects of planet Saturn are also modified by the Ascendant, Dasha of ongoing planet adn position of other planets.

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Top Reviews

Someone adviced me to try this website after I faced consequitive problems for 3years. After getting my horoscope checked by the astrologer of this website, I got to know that I m suffered from sade sati. It was a big shock for me. But the astrologer told me some remedies to forego the consequences of my problems. It actually worked.

By Akash Khanna (businessman)

Many pandits have always told my parents that my horoscope has sade sati. I have been facing problems because of this for a year now until the time my colleague told me to try some website. The first website I came across was this sounded genuine and the astrologer was approachable and sweet. He didn't only calm me down but also told me that my problems can be solved. I m leading a better life now.

By Tarini gupta (bpo executive)

Very rare people suffer from sade sati in t heir horoscope but when they do, they whole life seem to be damned. So did it happen with my spouse. Because of her malefic planets, not only her but my life was jeopardised as well. This website helped us to reduce the bad effects of sade sati and also it stopped interfering in my life.

By Ankit gowswami (engineer)

I m very happy that I tried the services of this website. I m a happy person now.

By Ankita sharma (housewife)

I had sade sati in my horoscope and faced problems because of it many times. Astrologer Abhishek analysed my horoscope and made me aware that when the bad effects of my sade sati is intense and at that time I should avoid any important decision or work. It helped me a lot.

By Lovika Aggarwal (doctor)

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