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ugadi festival


Ugadi is a festival celebrated by Hindu religion. It is observed after festival of colours, Holi. Ugadi festival will begin the New Year and bring good luck, blessings and happiness for the people as New Year does. It is the New Year as per the Hindu Calendar.

Yuga means 'age' and Adi means 'beginning'. Hence, it is called as "A New Age Beginning". It is said that on this day Lord Brahma initiated creating the world.

Celebrations of Ugadi :

In the ancient period individuals used to gather at one place and listen to the yearly predictions made by the saints. At temples and various religious places, the yearly calendar was introduced to tell the people about the events and festivals of the upcoming year. Some people used to watch the predictions revealed on the television.

Traditional dishes are prepared on this day. Family members take this meal together. Houses are cleaned before the day and decorated by the mango leaves which are considered highly auspicious. People take bath early in the morning and wear traditional clothes on this day.

The festival is celebrated with great faith and belief. At some areas, neem leaves and jaggery are distributed to the people. Both neem leaves and jaggery signify two different aspects of human life i.e., the bitter taste signify sorrows and sweet taste signify happiness.

Legend behind Mango Leaves: It is supposed that Goddess Parvati and her sons Lord Karthika and Lord Ganesha had a great affection for mangoes. Lord Karthika stimulated people to attach leaves of mango on the entrances of their house as a sign of good crop and prosperity. It symbolises general well being and bliss of the family. It is believed that worshipping God on Ugadi will end all the problems that a man faces

Lessons from Ugadi :

Ugadi is a festival of feasting and serving selfless mankind to the mankind. Ugadi is basically, a thought, a thought that lives in our collective minds. The very thought is enough to spark it all up for us

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