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surya grahan

Surya Grahan

Surya Grahan or Solar eclipse is a phenomenon wherein the moon comes between the Sun and the Earth and its shadow hides the sun partially or wholly from view for a brief period of time. Some solar eclipse are total and some are partial. This is categorised by extent to which the solar light is shadowed. As moon continuously orbits around the earth, eclipse occurs when Sun, Moon and Earth are in the same line. There are at least 2 solar eclipses every year.

The Astrological Story Behind Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse) :

When the Gods and demons were churning the ocean of Amrit known as Samudra Manthan or Sagar Manthan, it ultimately emerged from the ocean and there was a conflict between Gods and demons to have it first. Lord Vishnu disguised himself as Mohini and charmed the demons and commenced distributing the Amrit to the Gods.

Rahu, not being deceived, sat in between the Sun and the Moon. He stretched his hands to receive the Amrit. Mohini i.e. Lord Vishnu distributed the Amrit to Rahu and he consumed it. in the meantime, the sun and the moon acknowledged him and signalled to Lord Vishnu who in succession split his head with his discuss.

Rahu and Ketu emerged from the body and head of Rahu and they both were known for their immortality as they had consumed the Amrit. Though, they decided to shed a shadow on the Sun and the Moon reciprocating for their punishment. Thus, the malefic effects of the Rahu and Ketu grahas are said to rule over the eclipse period.

Surya Grahan or Solar Eclipse is said to be highly inauspicious time as evil power rules on the zodiac signs.

Dos and Don'ts during Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse) :

  • Avoid performing any significant work or deal.
  • Perform ritual bath after Grahan.
  • Take meal only after the ritual bath.
  • Take a holy dip in rivers or lakes is highly considered highly auspicious.
  • Observing fasting on the day of Surya Grahan is considered profitable.
  • Puja, Japam, havan or other rituals are performed only after Grahan Moksh Kaal (the time when grahan/eclipse is released).
  • Avoid eating during the time of Grahana.
  • Avoid eating the food which is cooked before Grahan.
  • Take the food which is cooked after Grahan. People can eat the food that is prevented from 'Soothak (Ashouch).
  • To prevent food from Soothak, just spill out a quantity of til seeds or keep grass blades (Durva grass) or Tulsi leaves on the food before grahan.
  • During Surya Grahan, reciting Surya Stotras such as Aditya Hridayam; Maha Mritunjaya Mantram, Shiva Panchakshari and Vishnu Stotras is highly auspicious.

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