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sai baba puja

Sai Baba Puja

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Our Promise: Puja will be done with right vidhi vidhan.

Sai Baba has transformed the lives of many people who have met him and even to this day after His death in 1918 He has been healing the lives of people who believe Him and seek His sincere blessings and love. In other words, he has been touching the lives of his devotees even today.

Sai Baba is considered as The Absolute God for the meaning of Sai is Sakshaat Ishwar. He is accepted as one of the greatest saints of India. He is considered to be endowed with super powers and is worshipped on a huge scale by his ardent-devotees.

Irrespective of people coming from different religious beliefs and tradition, Baba never discriminated amongst His followers. He gave His blessing to anybody and everybody who came to him with a pure and true heart. He has healed the lives of many sick people in mysterious ways. He has saved numerous lives, protected the weak and vulnerable, blessed couple with offsprings and also brought harmony and peace amongst the people and within their innerselves. To His devotees, He is seen and prayed as a God Sai Babahas preached the universal language of and He never distinguished his one devotee or follower from the other. His dwelling place was a Masjid (Mosque) and the name of Allah was ever on His lips. HE described Himself as in Service to God Thus, he never discriminated people on the basis of caste, creed etc. Today people flock in huge number to worship Sai to seek his blessings.

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Top Customer Reviews

I heard about this Puja last year when my son was very ill and we lost all hopes of he living with us. It is a great puja and came to my son's life as a saviour. Actually we went to free sai section that advised us to perform this Puja. It is very effective actually.

By Purnima Singhal, HR consultant, Hyderabad

Thank you so much for helping me out. I was going through a bad time and pundit told me that nazar or evil eye is the cause of my problem. I did what the pundit asked me to do but nothing helped. I went to and they suggested me to perform Sai Puja and it helps me to fight all my problems.

By Deep Parmi Kaur, Associate Auditor, Gurgaon

I ordered Lord Sai puja to be done for me by as I and my husband were facing some problems in our married life. It was actually effective and vanished our problems in only a few days. It actually works.

By Namita Bannerjee, teacher, West Bengal

My financial condition has improved a lot after I did Baba Sai Puja from It is very economical and suited my horoscope. I do not face any financial problems now. I am mentally at peace now and satisfied with my life.

By Tarun Dhingra, pharmacist, Punjab

Thanks to who can do pooja for us, which is genuine and very effective. They did Sai Puja for me and my wife. It is very effective and very economic. Highly recommended.

By Pranav Kharbanda, Assistant, New Delhi

Sai Baba Puja

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