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Magha Amavasya

Magha Amavasya

Mauni or magha amavasya is the day of Maun Vrat. It's the day to connect to ones own self. This holds a great importance. This day helps in judging ones patience level and self restraint.

People offer charity to the people on this day. They donate in accordance with their capacity and financial structure. Donation and charity adds beauty to this day. But it the most important thing about this day is Maun Vrat. Person doesn't even utter a single word.

Why this day is celebrated?

Bathing in the holy river is believed to be the most spiritual and religious on this day. The day of Mauni Amavasya experiences the presence of all Devas in Holy River. As per the mythology, during the churning of ocean in ancient times, a pot filled with Amrit came out. Some drops of the Amrit fell down in the river due to which it became extremely valuable. This is the reason that Mauni Amavasya is considered as sacred.

Meaning of Mauni Amavasya?

Mauni amavasya is a day when person doesn't utter a single word. It is the most difficult fasting. Only some people become successful in keeping themselves. For spiritual growth, speech must be pure. To gain the purity of speech the practice of silence has a great significance. Silence can change the persona. Silence controls the anger and temper. Silence helps in conserving energy.

Importance of the day -

  • This day helps in acquiring purity of speech.
  • One is able to control one's words before speaking.
  • This makes whatever words coming out of the mouth to be have no harmful effect on another person.
  • It refects the austerity of mind.
  • It helps in healing the body both from inside and outside.
  • It helps in identifying thoughts and accepting the things which a person cant control.
  • It is conservation of energy and power.
  • One can feel peace by observing maun vrat.
  • One can gain spiritual awareness.
  • It helps in eliminating negative energies by keeping own self away from evil effects of chattering and gossiping.

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