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Jhulelal Jayanti

Jhulelal Jayanti

This is an important festival celebrated by Sindhis of Pakistan and India. The date of this festival is based on Hindu calendar. Jhulelal Jayanti is celebrated on the second day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha. Mostly, it is celebrated one day after Ugadi and Gudi Padwa.

After no moon day, moon becomes visible on this day. The day is known as Cheti Chand because the fact that moon gives its first appearance.

The day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Ishtadeva Uderolal who is known as Jhulelal (saint of Sindhis)

Legend behind Jhulelal Jayanti :

The year of birth of Jhulelal is not known but it is has been found that he was born during 10th Century. This was the period when Sindh came under the rule of Sumras. Sumras were liberal to all other religions. However an oppressor named Mirkshah was threatening Sindhi Hindus to either convert to Islam or else they will have to face the death.

Sindhis prayed and pleaded to the river God to secure them from this compulsion. There prayers were heard in forty days. River God promised them that the divine child would be born in Nasarpur to save them from the tyrant. The child was known as Saint Jhulelal.

This day is considered highly propitious and also thriving. The water which is the elixir of life is worshipped on this day.

Activities, events, customs and practices followed Jhulelal Jayanti:

  • Chaliho Saheb: The Water God is worshipped for almost forty days which is known to be Chaliho Saheb. After forty days, the followers celebrate the day which is called as "Thanksgiving day".
  • In some cities of India, various cultural programs are arranged on this day
  • People gather at the temples where a session of singing devotional song is made to worship Lord Jhulelal
  • Businessmen start new books of accounts in this day
  • Sindhi people keep their offices, shops etc close

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