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guru pooja

Guru Pooja

As per the Vedic astrology, Jupiter planet is known by the names of Guru, Brihaspati and Devaguru. The worshipping of the planet Jupiter or Guru Puja is suggested to those people who have the planet Jupiter wrongly placed in their horoscope. It is believed that worshipping the Jupiter planet or the Brihaspati removes the obstacles and hindrances which people face because of the wrong placing of the planet in their horoscope. Amongst all the planet Jupiter is considered to be the most auspicious, generous and helpful. Thus, the reputation runs that Jupiter is the father of every living thing and worshipping Jupiter grants people pure and aesthetic life accompanied by good health, wealth and fame. It is also believed that worshipping of this planet cures people from physical illness and grants them a long and healthy life.

On how this Puja is done-

As is the tradition with all the pujas there are certain methods and rules associated with which each of the puja to be performed. In the similar manner, even in Guru puja there are certain simple methods to be followed and these entire if followed properly gives the ultimate correct result of the Puja. The Guru puja or Brihaspati Puja can be started from any of the Thursdays. On the day of puja it is preferable if the concerned person doing the puja wears dress of yellow colour since it is beneficial if yellow colour is worn during the puja. Moreover, to complement the puja Guru mantras are to be chanted. It is believed that if Guru mantras are chanted facing the north-east direction then it reduces the bad affects of the Jupiter from ones horoscope or birth chart if it is wrongly placed. Moreover, some devotees fast on this day of Guru Puja. While fasting people are advised to avoid the eating of bananas and salt.

The significance of this puja is that when people perform this puja with utmost devotion it is said that they are freed from incurable physical illness and are granted a healthy and long life. In addition to these, Jupiter is a good indicator of fortune, fame, luck and wealth. Pleasing Jupiter through the pujas is a good method to gain all the materialistic desires of men.

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