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Gauri Puja

Gauri Puja

Gauri Pujan is the festival of worshiping Goddess Parvati celebrated by Hindus.

It is a spring festival of harvest and matrimonial harmony. Maha Gauri is eighth form of Devi Durga and one of the beautiful Goddesses among Nav Durga. Women pray goddess Gauri for good husband or for happy married life. During the Gangaur or gauri puja women observe fast for 18 days i.e they eat one meal a day. Gangaur is observed on the third day of shukla paksha in the hindu lunar month of Chaitram.

How to observe Gaury Puja ?

The method of performing Gauru Puja is different in every region. It is said that a simple prayer, lighting a lamp and offering fruits and sweets to Goddess Gauri is the satisfactory and apt.

Things required for the Puja are as follows:

  • Idol of Goddess Gauri or five pyramid shapes made from turmeric powder.
  • Kalash
  • Some rice
  • Jaggery
  • Flower garland
  • Coconut
  • Fruits and sweets

Rituals on Gauri Puja :

  • On the day of Gauri Pujan, all Maharashtrian women stay awake the whole night and play traditional games like Zhimma and Phugdi.
  • Fairs, folklore's, paintings and Mehandi are other important rituals of this festival
  • House and area of puja should be cleaned and should be decorated with mango leaves

Benefits of doing Gauri Puja :

  • Worshipping Goddess Gauri removes previous sins and influence of wrong deeds of worshippers get vanished.
  • Devotees get divine perfection of Universe.
  • Devotees start following the path of honesty, loyalty and long lasting relationships.
  • The day is highly auspicious for unmarried and married women. Worshipping Goddess, unmarried girls get desired husband and married women enjoy peaceful, harmonious and long married life.

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