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Dhumavati Jayanti

Dhumavati Jayanti

Dhumavati Jayanti is observed on the Shukla Paksha i.e., waxing moon phase in Ashtami, Jyestha month.

Goddess Dhumavati is an embodiment of Goddess Durga(Shakti). Goddess Dhumavati is the seventh incarnation of Goddess Durga. She is believed to be the most enraged form of Goddess Shakti. Goddess Dhumavati is also known as 'Jyeshtha Nakshatra'.

'Dhuma' signify 'smoke', therefore, Dhumavati means one who is composed of smoke. So, she is the smoky form of Goddess Shakti. As the everlasting widow, she is Shakti without her Shiva. So, she reveals all that is flawed, the sadness, sorrows, disgrace, defeat, loss, disappointment, rejection and loneliness, and all the negative aspects in the ordinary existence of an individual in order that we may transcend it. Life is a struggle, battle and conflict and one discovers from the harmful and negative experiences and treating them as lessons in wisdom. This is what Dhumavati placed out to educate by implication.

Appearance of Dhumavati :

She is wearing clothes of white colour. There is a flag hoisted on the chariot which has a picture of a crow. She holds a razor edged weapon in her hand and holds lots of power.

Legend of Dhumavati Jayanti :

The legend is associated with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati (Shakti). One day, Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva the secret of Dhyaan (meditation). Because Lord Shiva was in deep meditation therefore, he did not listen to Goddess's words. Goddess Parvati attempted in finding out the hidden secret, but was not successful with all her potential endeavours. She became so annoyed, fuming and angry that she gulped down Lord Shiva. Because of the poison in Lord Shiva's throat she turned extremely tedious, terrible, frightening and repulsive. She started to produce a lot of heat and fire. Her mouth exhaled a lot of smoke, dust and fumes. Then Lord Shiva told Goddess Parvati, she will be worshiped in this avatar after her this actions. In this manner, she was known as Dhumavati (the one who induces smoke).

As per Lord Shiva's curse, she is worshiped as a widow (as she swallowed Lord Shiva), whose hair is always open. She is in her most violent form and holds a sword in her hand.

Significance of Dhumavati Jayanti :

Dhumavati Jayanti has a lot of importance for the devotees of Goddess Dhumavati

  • Out of ten major Mahavidyas, Goddess Dhumavati is worshiped as Darun Mahavidya
  • Goddess Dhumavati represents a destroyer of all evils, sins, demons, negativities and wrongs. It is believed that Saint Durvasa, Bhrigu, and Parshuram worshiped Goddess Dhumavati on this day to accomplish all the special powers
  • It is also said that a glimpse of Goddess Dhumavati offers many blessings to all who witness her idol on this day

Rituals of Worshiping Goddess Dhumavati :

  • During the Dhumavati Jayanti, a special demonstration is organised in the night for the devotees of Maa Dhumavati
  • Puja and rituals are performed in an isolated place and Goddess Mantras are chanted
  • Black Sesame seeds (Til) are offered to the Goddess for fulfilling one's wishes
  • Married women are not believed to worship Maa Dhumavati. They can just have a sight of her from a far distance. This marks in the safety her son and husband.
  • Goddess Dhumavati is worshiped by Tantriks all around the world in order to gain material wealth.

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